Construction on New Swine Facility Nearing Completion

Construction on New Swine Facility Nearing Completion

July 19, 2021 Farm News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

While summers are known for vacations, relaxing, and taking a break, Barrick Family Farm, and the farm management company Protein Sources, have been busy at work constructing a new swine operation north of Ada, and renovating three swine barn sites near Fosston. Since the groundbreaking last fall, there has been a constant flow of contractors to get the facility up and ready and the move in date for the pigs is finally approaching. R & J Broadcasting, Inc. was allowed to tour the new facility with Alex Barrick of Barrick Family Farm who tells us that construction remains on schedule.

Alex Barrick 1 (JB109)

In addition to the new facility being built, Barrick Family Farm has three barn sites near Fosston. Alex Barrick describes how the new facility, and the barn sites will operate together.

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Barrick Family Farm is currently hiring employees to fill out staffing at the facilities. Alex Barrick talks about a key draw for potential employees.

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Those interested in applying with Barrick Family Farm can do so online at You can also hear the complete interview with Alex Barrick this Wednesday afternoon during the Farm and Field Show on 106.5 FM KRJB.