Advantage RV Modified Tour Results from Norman County Raceway 7/22/21

Advantage RV Modified Tour Results from Norman County Raceway 7/22/21

July 23, 2021 Sports News 0


Tyler Peterson took the early lead in the $1,700 to win, 30 lap Wissota Modified Special that started a full field of 27 cars. After a few early cautions, the race finally got its first long stretch run that saw Jeremy Nelson catch Peterson and get underneath him with 20 to go to take lead. After that, each time the leaders started entering lap traffic, a caution would come out. That was key for Nelson who able to stay in clean air and Peterson behind him for the rest of the night.

Jeremy Nelson KRJB Victory Lane Comments.

A Feature 1: 1. 4-Jeremy Nelson[3]; 2. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson[1]; 3. 26G-Ryan Gierke[2]; 4. 45J-Johnny Broking[4]; 5. 7-Shane Sabraski[5]; 6. 73-Andy Jones[9]; 7. 6X-Zach Johnson[10]; 8. 7X-Joseph Thomas[12]; 9. 23-Matt Gilbertson[6]; 10. 22B-Josh Beaulieu[7]; 11. 21X-Travis Saurer[8]; 12. 24S-Mike Stearns[13]; 13. 51T-Tim Thomas[14]; 14. 5K-Tyler Kaeter[11]; 15. 26-Brent Pulskamp[15]; 16. 31-Chris Winter[24]; 17. 57-Michael Tiani[19]; 18. (DNF) 74-Dustin Wahl[23]; 19. (DNF) 6T-Corky Thomas[26]; 20. (DNF) 2J-Blake Jegtvig[21]; 21. (DNF) C1-Craig Lofdahl[22]; 22. (DNF) 2-Aaron Holtan[17]; 23. (DNF) 12A-Matt Aukland[16]; 24. (DNF) 11Z-Dylan Zabel[18]; 25. (DNF) 45-Bob Broking[20]; 26. (DNS) 95-Mark Esala; 27. (DNS) 22-Davey Mills; 28. (DNS) 71-Dustin Strand

Heat 1: 1. 23-Matt Gilbertson[1]; 2. 22B-Josh Beaulieu[2]; 3. 73-Andy Jones[5]; 4. 24S-Mike Stearns[7]; 5. 2-Aaron Holtan[4]; 6. (DNF) 22-Davey Mills[3]; 7. (DNF) 71-Dustin Strand[6]

Heat 2: 1. 26G-Ryan Gierke[1]; 2. 21X-Travis Saurer[2]; 3. 6X-Zach Johnson[3]; 4. 51T-Tim Thomas[5]; 5. 11Z-Dylan Zabel[6]; 6. 2J-Blake Jegtvig[7]; 7. (DNF) 6T-Corky Thomas[4]

Heat 3: 1. 4-Jeremy Nelson[2]; 2. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson[7]; 3. 5K-Tyler Kaeter[1]; 4. 26-Brent Pulskamp[4]; 5. 57-Michael Tiani[6]; 6. C1-Craig Lofdahl[3]; 7. (DNF) 95-Mark Esala[5]

Heat 4: 1. 45J-Johnny Broking[2]; 2. 7-Shane Sabraski[4]; 3. 7X-Joseph Thomas[6]; 4. 12A-Matt Aukland[7]; 5. 45-Bob Broking[3]; 6. 74-Dustin Wahl[5]; 7. 31-Chris Winter[1]12 entries


The Midwest Mods put on the best show of the night that saw Aaron Blacklance exchange slidejobs and crossover moves with Jamie Dietzler during the final 5 laps. Blacklance would go on to win his 3rd win of the year at NCR.

Aaron Blacklance KRJB Victory Lane Comments

A Feature 1: 1. 5BA-Aaron Blacklance[6]; 2. 50C-Cody Lee[7]; 3. 39-Jamie Dietzler[2]; 4. 87S-Reise Stenberg[5]; 5. 2G-Brock Gronwold[8]; 6. 2-Rusty Kollman[9]; 7. 2S-Matt Schow[4]; 8. 68-Joe Henninger[1]; 9. 15C-Chris Edmonds[12]; 10. 404-Tracy Blumke[11]; 11. TS42-Scott Samuelson[10]; 12. (DNF) 11-Bryan Kakela[3]

Heat 1: 1. 50C-Cody Lee[1]; 2. 68-Joe Henninger[2]; 3. 39-Jamie Dietzler[3]; 4. 87S-Reise Stenberg[4]; 5. 2-Rusty Kollman[5]; 6. 404-Tracy Blumke[6]

Heat 2: 1. 11-Bryan Kakela[2]; 2. 2G-Brock Gronwold[4]; 3. 2S-Matt Schow[3]; 4. 5BA-Aaron Blacklance[6]; 5. TS42-Scott Samuelson[1]; 6. (DNF) 15C-Chris Edmonds[5]7 entries


Scott Jacobson got out front early and never looked back, Andy Wagner was able to move up to 2nd from 6th, but couldn’t close in Jacobson, who won by more than a straightaway and picked up back to back wins at NCR. He dedicated the win to a fellow racer who passed away this week.

Scott Jacobson KRJB Victory Lane Audio

A Feature 1: 1. 5-Scott Jacobson[4]; 2. 3X-Andy Wagner[6]; 3. 13C-Paul Colvin[2]; 4. 17-Rich Pavlicek[5]; 5. 9-Torey Fischer[3]; 6. 22-Vince Jegtvig[1]; 7. (DNF) 404-Swede Arneson[7]

Heat 1: 1. 22-Vince Jegtvig[2]; 2. 9-Torey Fischer[4]; 3. 17-Rich Pavlicek[6]; 4. 5-Scott Jacobson[5]; 5. 13C-Paul Colvin[3]; 6. 3X-Andy Wagner[7]; 7. (DNF) 404-Swede Arneson[1]7 entries


It had been a year since Rob VanMil had found Victory Lane at Norman County Raceway, but he appeared to be in top form this week leading all 15 laps with a great handling race car.

Rob VanMill KRJB Victory Lane Audio

A Feature 1: 1. 40-Rob VanMil[2]; 2. 4-Rick Schulz[1]; 3. 11-Kalvin Kesselberg[3]; 4. 76Z-John Sandvig[6]; 5. 38-Todd Heinrich[5]; 6. B1-Brody Carlsrud[7]; 7. (DNF) 71-Trent Grager[4]

Heat 1: 1. 40-Rob VanMil[4]; 2. 4-Rick Schulz[3]; 3. 11-Kalvin Kesselberg[5]; 4. 38-Todd Heinrich[7]; 5. 71-Trent Grager[6]; 6. 76Z-John Sandvig[2]; 7. B1-Brody Carlsrud[1]