Sander’s Stock Car Challenge Night #2 @ Red River Valley Speedway Results 7/30/21

Sander’s Stock Car Challenge Night #2 @ Red River Valley Speedway Results 7/30/21

July 31, 2021 Sports News 0


The Stock Cars would battle 3-wide in the opening five laps before Trent Grager eventually slipped by Keaton Froemke and Travis Robertson for the lead. They jockeyed for position behind him for the remainder of the race as Grager pulled away. However, heartbreak would happen to Grager as he pulled off with 3 go with a mechanical issue. Tyley McDougall, who started 14th, would take over the lead and the win.

Tyler McDougall KRJB Victory Lane Comments

A Feature 1: 1. 1-Tyler McDougall[14]; 2. 52-Brennan Borg[21]; 3. 11-Kalvin Kesselberg[8]; 4. 88-Randy Klein[5]; 5. 88K-Keaten Froemke[2]; 6. 10R-Travis Robertson[4]; 7. 40-Rob VanMil[7]; 8. 17-Chad Hunteman[19]; 9. 57K-Derrick Kronbach[17]; 10. 49-Tim Compson[11]; 11. 2-Kenney Bjorndahl[22]; 12. 34-Jordan Zillmer[20]; 13. 8-Billy Michaelsohn[15]; 14. (DNF) 38-Todd Heinrich[16]; 15. (DNF) 71-Trent Grager[6]; 16. (DNF) B1-Brody Carlsrud[3]; 17. (DNF) 86-Thomas Ahrndt[9]; 18. (DNF) 76Z-John Sandvig[13]; 19. (DNF) 21J-Andrew Jochim[10]; 20. (DNF) 4-Rick Schulz[1]; 21. (DNF) 85K-Ernest Geist[18]; 22. (DNF) E72-Adam Geist[12]

Heat 1: 1. 88K-Keaten Froemke[1]; 2. 71-Trent Grager[6]; 3. 40-Rob VanMil[4]; 4. 11-Kalvin Kesselberg[3]; 5. 76Z-John Sandvig[2]; 6. 38-Todd Heinrich[7]; 7. 17-Chad Hunteman[8]; 8. 52-Brennan Borg[5]

Heat 2: 1. 88-Randy Klein[2]; 2. B1-Brody Carlsrud[1]; 3. 4-Rick Schulz[4]; 4. 49-Tim Compson[3]; 5. 1-Tyler McDougall[7]; 6. 57K-Derrick Kronbach[5]; 7. 34-Jordan Zillmer[6]

Heat 3: 1. 10R-Travis Robertson[5]; 2. E72-Adam Geist[2]; 3. 86-Thomas Ahrndt[6]; 4. 21J-Andrew Jochim[1]; 5. 8-Billy Michaelsohn[4]; 6. 85K-Ernest Geist[3]


Allen Kent rocketed out to a large lead to start the 20 lap Modified main event. However,r traffic began to be a factor at the halfway point and allowed Jordan Sours to slowly close the gap. With 2 to go, Sours was within a car length. The two raced side by side to the finish on the last lap with Kent holding on for the win.

Allen Kent KRJB Victory Lane Comments

A Feature 1: 1. 33-Allen Kent[1]; 2. 02-Jordan Sours[3]; 3. 98-John Nord[6]; 4. 2A-Casey Arneson[5]; 5. 48K-Kollin Hibdon[9]; 6. 48-Brent Dutenhoffer[11]; 7. 76-John Miller[10]; 8. 84-Michael Johnson[4]; 9. 36-Cody Peterson[2]; 10. 60-Tyler Hall[7]; 11. 3S-Jesse Skalicky[8]; 12. 0-Jeff Odden[12]; 13. 55X-Chris Mack[14]; 14. 21-Jamie Schulz[15]; 15. 33B-Brennan Urbach[16]; 16. 12C-Nick Curtis[18]; 17. 96-Erv Grossman[19]; 18. (DNF) 10-Austin Arneson[17]; 19. (DNF) 79-Tony Mack[13]

Heat 1: 1. 60-Tyler Hall[4]; 2. 98-John Nord[5]; 3. 3S-Jesse Skalicky[6]; 4. 76-John Miller[2]; 5. 79-Tony Mack[3]; 6. 96-Erv Grossman[7]; 7. 12C-Nick Curtis[1]

Heat 2: 1. 2A-Casey Arneson[1]; 2. 02-Jordan Sours[3]; 3. 36-Cody Peterson[2]; 4. 33-Allen Kent[4]; 5. 55X-Chris Mack[6]; 6. 33B-Brennan Urbach[5]

Heat 3: 1. 48-Brent Dutenhoffer[6]; 2. 48K-Kollin Hibdon[3]; 3. 84-Michael Johnson[1]; 4. 0-Jeff Odden[2]; 5. 21-Jamie Schulz[4]; 6. 10-Austin Arneson[5]


Kevin Veralrud got a great jump off the green flag and pulled away from the field. A caution came out with 6 to go to erase Veralrud’s lead. Off the restart, Ryan Restad took advantage of the track position and took over the lead and picked up his 4th win of the year at RRVS by a narrow margin over Rich Pavlicek.

Ryan Restad KRJB Victory Lane Comments

A Feature 1: 1. 7R-Ryan Restad[5]; 2. 17-Rich Pavlicek[11]; 3. 5F-Brandon Ferris[7]; 4. 66-Kevin Veralrud[1]; 5. 13C-Paul Colvin[4]; 6. 3X-Andy Wagner[3]; 7. 77-Charles Jensen[8]; 8. 40-Chris VanMil[9]; 9. 22-Vince Jegtvig[2]; 10. 9-Torey Fischer[6]; 11. 2X-Brady Moore[15]; 12. 12T-Brandon Tendeland[14]; 13. 14S-Thomas Sandvig[17]; 14. (DNF) 5-Scott Jacobson[12]; 15. (DNF) 77S-Brian Schaffer[16]; 16. (DNF) 22M-Landon Maatz[13]; 17. (DNF) 51-Kelly Jacobson[10]

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 66-Kevin Veralrud[2]; 2. 17-Rich Pavlicek[6]; 3. 7R-Ryan Restad[4]; 4. 77-Charles Jensen[5]; 5. 22M-Landon Maatz[1]; 6. 77S-Brian Schaffer[3]

Heat 2 (6 Laps): 1. 5-Scott Jacobson[6]; 2. 22-Vince Jegtvig[2]; 3. 40-Chris VanMil[5]; 4. 9-Torey Fischer[4]; 5. 12T-Brandon Tendeland[3]; 6. 14S-Thomas Sandvig[1]

Heat 3 (6 Laps): 1. 3X-Andy Wagner[2]; 2. 13C-Paul Colvin[3]; 3. 51-Kelly Jacobson[5]; 4. 5F-Brandon Ferris[4]; 5. 2X-Brady Moore[1]


A slim field of Hobby Stocks this week, but the feature still showcased good, hard racing as the top 3, Brad Overdal, Brodee Eckerdt, and Tanner Engen all battled for the lead for the entirety of the race. The veteran of the group, Overdal, led all but the last lap as Tanner Engen snuck by on the final lap for the win.

Tanner Engen KRJB Victory Lane Comments

A Feature 1: 1. 44T-Tanner Engen[3]; 2. 3XL-Brad Orvedal[4]; 3. B2-Brodee Eckerdt[1]; 4. 15-Andrea Jacobson[2]

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 44T-Tanner Engen[3]; 2. B2-Brodee Eckerdt[1]; 3. 3XL-Brad Orvedal[4]; 4. 15-Andrea Jacobson[2]


Tye Wilke was third with 4 laps to go when he suddenly seemed to find another gear and powered by both Ty Hanten and Brandon Rekow for the win, his 3rd of the year in a Sprint Car, and his first of two wins on the night,

A Feature 1: 1. 72-Tye Wilke[3]; 2. 13-Ty Hanten[4]; 3. 69-Brandon Rekow[1]; 4. 3M-Marcus Rothenbacher[2]

Heat 1: 1. 3M-Marcus Rothenbacher[2]; 2. 72-Tye Wilke[3]; 3. 69-Brandon Rekow[1]; 4. 13-Ty Hanten[4]


Tye Wilke went from 9th to 1st in the opening lap and half and soon opened up a sizable lead for the first few laps. Around the halfway point, Wilke began battling a tight race car and was about to lose the lead to Ryan Braseth before a caution came out with 7 to go. Following the restart, Wilke appeared to make some adjustments and picked up his 2nd win of the night, having won in a Sprint Car earlier.

Tye Wilke KRJB Victory Lane Comments

A Feature 1: 1. 72-Tye Wilke[9]; 2. 29-Ryan Braseth[7]; 3. 58-Sean Johnson[8]; 4. 28-Joshua Wiest[4]; 5. 49-Collin Compson[1]; 6. 84-Jacoby Traut[10]; 7. 2-Ashton Spieker[5]; 8. D11RT-Blaise Deckert[3]; 9. 24-Shaun Erickson[2]; 10. 701-Taylor Sargent[12]; 11. 2J-Joseph Lewis[11]; 12. 31C-Emmitt Curtis[13]; 13. 19E-Elzetta Bitker[14]; 14. 17-Zander Compson[15]; 15. (DNF) 89-Spencer Frueh[16]; 16. (DNF) 5D8-Dylan Johnson[6]

Heat 1 (6 Laps): 1. 29-Ryan Braseth[7]; 2. 72-Tye Wilke[8]; 3. 2-Ashton Spieker[6]; 4. 28-Joshua Wiest[5]; 5. 24-Shaun Erickson[4]; 6. 2J-Joseph Lewis[2]; 7. 31C-Emmitt Curtis[3]; 8. 17-Zander Compson[1]

Heat 2 (6 Laps): 1. 49-Collin Compson[3]; 2. 58-Sean Johnson[7]; 3. 5D8-Dylan Johnson[6]; 4. 84-Jacoby Traut[8]; 5. D11RT-Blaise Deckert[4]; 6. 701-Taylor Sargent[5]; 7. 19E-Elzetta Bitker[1]; 8. 89-Spencer Frueh[2]