Crow Wing County Board Talks Delta Variant, Zoning Issues in August 10 Meeting

Crow Wing County Board Talks Delta Variant, Zoning Issues in August 10 Meeting

August 12, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

(BRAINERD, MN) — The Crow Wing County Board held its first regular meeting of the month of August on Tuesday.

The board began by discussing a resolution to study certain zoning issues. Administrator Tim Houle explained the resolution, which would gather data on two separate zoning issues: the issue of zoning applications that contain private roads and the issue of private “airports” and the potential effects they have.

Houle said that the board shouldn’t make any decisions on a possible ordinance related to these zoning issues until they are studied properly, which is why the proposed application moratoriums are included in the resolutions. An attorney representing a man who had previously submitted an application for a permit for a heliport was on hand and provided his input, opposing the moratorium on existing applications.

After some discussion, Houle verified that the resolutions had been reviewed with the county attorney and land use attorney, and that the county does have legal standing. Ultimately, both the studies and the moratoriums were approved unanimously by the board.

During administrator Houle’s senior management team report, commissioner Paul Koering asked him to speak on the subject of the coronavirus; specifically, the delta variant which has been responsible for rising case numbers and deaths nationwide. Koering said that his constituents, namely restaurant and bar owners, had been expressing concern over the possibility of the re-institution of restrictions such as mask mandates and crowd limitations. Houle responded by saying that he and his team had been studying the situation closely, but that there remains a very simple way of avoiding possible future restrictions collectively.

Of the roughly 167,000,000 Americans that have been fully vaccinated as of August 10, only 5,285 have been hospitalized with symptomatic COVID infections (0.003%) and 1,191 deaths have been attributed to COVID (0.0007%). Since July 26, more than 99.99% of hospitalizations and deaths attributed to COVID have occurred within the unvaccinated population.

The full Crow Wing County Board meeting from August 10 can be viewed here.