Wild Rice harvesting is open, DNR offering helpful tips

Wild Rice harvesting is open, DNR offering helpful tips

August 17, 2021 News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold kkin@rjbroadcasting.com (8/17/21)

(Minnesota) — With the opening of the Wild Rice Harvesting season, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources offering tips and a reminder of important regulations restricting harvest to rice stands that are ripe.

Harvesters are allowed to take ripe wild rice each year between now and September 30th, but Minnesota’s green rice law makes it illegal to harvest unripe or “green” rice, even within the dates of the harvest season. 

Peak harvesting takes place between late August to mid-September as long as weather remains mild and dry. The hot summer months in 2021 may make some rice stands ripen early, but harvesters must still wait until the opening date of August 15th and must ensure that the specific stand they are harvesting is ripe.

Harvesters should keep access areas clean by packing out what they pack in. Novice rice harvesters are often advised to use a processor rather than attempt to process themselves.

Much information on wild rice management, including licensing, regulation, and safety information by going to the DNR’s website.