Essentia Health Hosts Women’s Health Day

Essentia Health Hosts Women’s Health Day

August 31, 2021 News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Laura Hamilton (8/31/2021)

Often, women play a critical role in the health and overall wellness of their family. However, they often are so focused on the care of their spouse, children or others that they neglect their own needs. It is crucial that women take the time for themselves and maintain their health as well. Essentia Health-Fosston is hosting a women’s health day on Monday. September 13th. Christina Leonard, a family medicine nurse practitioner at Essentia Health-Fosston sa’s the focus for the day will be on women’s health and education.

Annual well-woman visits and routine screenings for breast and cervical cancer are a vital component of women’s health. While mammograms should begin at age 45, health professionals recommend discussing the screening with your medical provider earlier.

Appointments for women’s health day can be scheduled by calling the clinic at (218) 435-1212. Learn more about all the services offered at Essentia Health-Fosston by visiting