Plan submitted to explore on state nonferrous metallic minerals lease

Plan submitted to explore on state nonferrous metallic minerals lease

September 14, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0


Talon Nickel (USA) LLC (Talon) submitted a proposed plan to explore for metallic mineral deposits in Aitkin and Carlton Counties. The exploration activities will occur on leased state mineral rights across an area from about three miles north to about seven miles southeast of Tamarack, Minnesota. Kennecott Exploration Company (Kennecott) and Talon have explored this area since the early 2000s.

Talon’s exploration plan proposes new environmental wells, conducting down-hole geophysical surveys in temporarily sealed borings, and conducting ground geophysical surveys.

Talon plans to use rotosonic drill rigs to install environmental wells on up to 12 drill pads, following regulations set by the Department of Health. Talon may install multiple wells on each drill pad. New trail spurs from existing access may be built to reach some drill pads, the plan states.

The down-hole geophysical surveys proposed by Talon are seismic tomography, borehole electromagnetic, and physical property surveys. In the event a boring is blocked at depth, Talon proposes to mobilize a drill rig to clear the blockage. Talon proposes using existing trails to access borings; Talon will place signs when conducting down-hole and ground geophysical surveys.

The ground geophysical surveys proposed by Talon are magneto-tellurics and electromagnetic. Talon proposes to conduct these surveys on foot. Talon proposes to cut small amounts of brush, as needed, to place backpack-sized survey equipment; Talon will not cut lines or grids.

Upon DNR approval Talon has the right to explore state-owned lands consistent with the exploration plan, any stipulations, and applicable laws and rules.

Find a summary report and associated map of the proposed exploration related activities at the DNR’s exploration plan webpage.