State Senator Randy Lemm Comments on North Dakota Redistricting

State Senator Randy Lemm Comments on North Dakota Redistricting

October 7, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Hillsboro, ND — The North Dakota Redistricting Committee recently unveiled their final revised district map for legislators to approve later this fall. Redistricting typically happens every decade following the results of the Census update. The proposal calls for a merger of District 19 and District 20, which would include all of Traill County, the rural regions of Grand Forks County, and the southeast portion of Walsh County, which is the result of population shifts to the metro communities. District 20 State Senator Randy Lemm equates redistricting to a balloon.

If the new District Maps are approved, Senator Lemm who was elected in 2020, would need to rerun in 2022. Other than the new faces, Lemm says the rural regions of the current District 19 are very similar to that of his current district.

Senator Lemm says it’s still possible for the new district maps to change, but a vote will likely occur sometime in November during a special session.

North Dakota’s population is estimated at a record 779,000, up almost 16% during the last decade, but most of the state’s rural legislative districts continued losing residents, according to census data.

The panel focused on keeping 47 districts, rather than increasing or reducing the size of the Legislature. Each district is represented by two House members and a senator, which gives the Legislature 141 members.