Clearbrook-Gonvick Riverwatch Program

Clearbrook-Gonvick Riverwatch Program

October 12, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Laura Hamilton (10/12/2021)

River Watch is a citizen based water quality monitoring program organized and delivered by the International Water Institute and its partners throughout the Red River Basin. The Red Lake Watershed District is one such partner. River Watch volunteers are drawn from more than 35 high schools and various community groups to monitor the quality of water in the streams and rivers in the Red River Basin and to report the findings at local and state levels. 8 students in grades 10-12 at Clearbrook-Gonvick High School are in the Riverwatch program. They monitor 10 designated sites in the Red Lake Watershed. Sara Goudge is the Clearbrook-Gonvick Riverwatch Advisor.

Following their involvement in Riverwatch at Clearbrook-Gonvick school a couple of past students went on to study in a related field.

Riverwatch students can attend annual Riverwatch Forums to present displays of their sampling program and share oral presentations with their peers and local resource managers that highlight the past year’s monitoring results.