Baxter Council Approves Major Road Project and More in October 19 Meeting

Baxter Council Approves Major Road Project and More in October 19 Meeting

October 21, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

(BAXTER, MN) — The city of Baxter held its second council meeting of the month of October on Tuesday, so we had our routine chat with Mayor Darrel Olson to hear about it.

The council had a discussion on snow plowing, which presented unique challenges this year with the current state of the labor market. Olson said the council came up with the solution of splitting duties between two different contractors.

The city also approved the proposed Graceland development that had been discussed in prior meetings.

The agenda item that occupied most of the time was the culmination of the discussions on a road project that has been decades in the making: re-configuring the corridors parallel to Highway 371 and moving the stoplights from the 210-Knollwood intersection to the 210-Inglewood intersection. Olson provided a brief history on the proposal.

As part of the proposed project, the service road near this part of Highway 210 would need to be redone, and Olson discussed the various wrinkles that go into this part.

In this sense, Olson described the project as requiring a “three-pronged approach.” As is typically the case, a primary concern from residents regarding the project had been where the money would be coming from to fund it. Olson mentioned several different sources of funding for the project, as it would not be solely the taxpayers of the city of Baxter footing the bill; Olson added that there is a bit of a sense of urgency with regard to the funding.

Following this approval, Olson says that work will begin on this project in 2022.

We thank Mayor Olson for his time. Our full conversation with him may be found below.