Ironton City Council review STR fee schedule at November 3rd meeting

Ironton City Council review STR fee schedule at November 3rd meeting

November 8, 2021 News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold (11/9/21)

(Ironton, MN) — The Ironton City Council meeting from November 3rd including updates on billing from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and discussion on the STR fee schedule from the City Hall Council Chamber.

Deerwood Police Chief Mark Taylor noted in his report of residents having to abide by posted snow plowing of city streets.

Chief Taylor also spoke of his staff going through their yearly firearms qualification training. The Council did talk of clerical issues with billing to the DNR.

Discussion also took place on handling the Short Term Rental fee schedule and the subsequent violations for the moratorium.

The Council did move to set the fee schedule of $300 for violating the short term rental ordinance, which will be enforced 14 days after a letter sent to the owners. After consultation with the City Attorney, the Council will be taken into more consideration of the sub-points for the ordinance at a later meeting.

Further comments were expressed in a letter from the local PickleBall Group.

More research into location of the courts, needed materials, and other items will be reviewed at future meetings.

The Ironton City Council will next meet on Wednesday, November 17th at 6pm.