Ethanol Industry Thriving as Travel Picks Up

Ethanol Industry Thriving as Travel Picks Up

November 10, 2021 Farm News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Minnesota — While a return to normal driving habits is fueling profits for the oil industry, it’s also leading to record usage for the ethanol industry as well. During a recent R & J Agricultural Corner program, Leif Bakken caught up with Mackenzie Boubin, Biofuels & Industry Relations Director with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association, to chat about the state of ethanol industry. Boubin states that its as good as its ever been.

According to Boubin, the reason for the surge in ethanol usage recently boils down to affordability, performance, and the importance of reducing their carbon footprint.

Gas prices at the pump are continuing to rise and oil companies are pointing the blame at the ethanol industry and high corn prices. Boubin says the math doesn’t add up and that’s simply not the case.

Here in Minnesota, 26% of corn goes into the ethanol industry, which adds up to 330 million bushels of corn.