Aitkin School Board discusses Curriculum Committee, Vaccine mandates during November 15th meeting

Aitkin School Board discusses Curriculum Committee, Vaccine mandates during November 15th meeting

November 17, 2021 ---School News - KKIN/KFGI/KLKS/WWWI News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold (11/18/21)

(Aitkin, MN) — The Aitkin School Board did review old business concerning Critical Race Theory, forming a new committee, a letter of COVID vaccine mandates among other topics during their regular meeting from the High Media Center Monday night.

Following the Public Comment Period where residents brought their stances on curriculum, the Board moved to prohibit Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideologies to be taught in the curriculum, which was voted down 4-2.

Superintendent Dan Stifter elaborated more on the formation of a Community Curriculum Committee, which would include school district officials and community members.

The Committee members originally were set to be Joe Ryan, Paul Karelis, Andy Dokken, and Dan Stifter, but was reviewed and have representatives from each curriculum subject and parents. 

The Board did approve Youth Service Grants and the resignation of bus driver Natalie Ramsey. Approval was also given for dissolving the Education Innovation Partners Cooperative, authorizing Janzen Auction Services to occasionally sell excess school equipment, and the phone system bid with CTC. The Board also went forward with approving an agreement between Aitkin Public School District and Lakes and Pines’ Head Start Program and the Campaign Financial Report Certification Filing.

Superintendent Stifter, later in the meeting, surmised a letter from the MSBA regarding the NSBA letter to the President of the United States for COVID Vaccine Mandates.

Stifter also began Board discussion on the District’s Compensatory Aid.

A notification letter for parents to sign up for Compensatory Aid is being sent out to the school district families and applications are available on the District’s Food Service website. Stifter also mentioned that he is in the process of submitting the Eseer III Gant that was initially rejected in June.

The Aitkin Public School Board will hold a work session meeting on Monday, December 6th at 7pm from the High School Media Center.