Impact Coalition Launches #StickerShock Campaign

Impact Coalition Launches #StickerShock Campaign

December 9, 2021 Access Health News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Ada, MN — The Impact Coalition of Norman County on Wednesday morning teamed up the Shock & Awe Youth Philanthropy Group and a pair of local liquor stores to launch their Sticker Shock campaign with an overall goal of preventing minors from consuming alcohol. As part of that campaign, teens from the Ada-Borup-West and Norman County East School with guidance from members of local law enforcement placed stickers on popular alcoholic beverages that will hopefully discourage adults from supplying those who are underage with beer or liquor.

Myers adds that for the kids, who were very respectful during the activity, it was a learning opportunity as well as they got to ask questions of the liquor store managers and law enforcement officials who accompanied them.

Providing a minor with alcohol to a minor could result in up to a $3000 fine and/or a year in jail. On top of the penalties, Myers notes that you could also be setting them up for a life of addiction.

Norman County also has a social host ordinance that provides stiff penalties to adults who willingly provide a place for minors to consume alcohol.