Ada Public Works Offers Snow Plow Reminders

Ada Public Works Offers Snow Plow Reminders

December 10, 2021 Kaleidoscope News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Ada, MN — The Ada Public Works Department spent a lot of time swerving around parked cars with their plows during and after the recent snow events. To best clean the streets, they are asking residents to please move their vehicles and trailers off the street prior to a major snow event. However, because the ground may not be completely frozen yet, Public Works Director Brian Rasmussen says some residents have hesitant about parking on their lawn.

According to the city website, No motor vehicle shall be parked on a public street in the City of Ada for a period of 24 hours after a snow emergency has been declared or until the street has been completely plowed. Any vehicle parked in violation of any provision of this ordinance, 12 hours after the declaration of a snow emergency may be towed away. The owner of the vehicle shall be responsible for all towing expenses. The vehicle shall not be released until payment of said expenses.

Also because much of the ground wasn’t frozen yet prior to these last snow events, the plows may have done damage to the edge of some of the yards. While that may be frustrating to some homeowners, Rasmussen says city crews take note and will fix that damage come spring.

For more information regarding snow removal in the city of Ada, visit their website and click on the Snow Removal button.