Morrison County Sheriff’s Office Issue Release on TikTok Trend

Morrison County Sheriff’s Office Issue Release on TikTok Trend

December 17, 2021 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0


The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office reports that there is a TiKToK trend that has emerged  indicating widespread violence to schools nationwide on December 17th. This national threat is  circulating on social media regarding alleged threats concerning schools. There is no indication  of a nationwide specific threat, however, we want our residents to be aware that we are currently  investigating information that was brought to our attention by the Royalton School District. The  information was regarding a video of a social media post that may have identified three school  districts in Morrison County; Little Falls School District, Royalton School District and Pierz  School District. At this time, we have not been able to identify or verify the specific post or  parties who may have been responsible. The investigation is ongoing. We are working in  partnership with the school districts and all local law enforcement agencies directly impacted.   

The Sheriff’s Office along with the Little Falls, Pierz and Royalton Police Departments, and  local schools take this matter very seriously. If anyone is aware of potential threats to our local  schools, please call our Sheriff’s Office at (320) 632-9233. Information about criminal activity  should always be reported to local law enforcement and your first call should be 9-1-1 to report  any crime in progress. 

This is a reminder for parents and/or guardians to pay attention and inquire about their children’s  social media communications. Make sure that discussions include positive and respectful social  media use, making sure that social media postings do not violate their school’s code of conduct  and/or lead to potential criminal charges. Students need to be reminded that everything that is  posted on social media can be shared. They need to think about every message they convey prior  to sending it out viral.