Slow & Steady, the City of Gary Shows Growth

Slow & Steady, the City of Gary Shows Growth

January 18, 2022 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Gary, MN — It’s not quite the housing boom that can be seen in the cities Barnesville, Hawley, and Horace, but in the small town of Gary, there are still new homes being constructed each year and current homes still have no trouble being sold. During our Year in Review, Gary Mayor Buck Engen stated that they’ve placed on emphasis in recent years on tearing down the old, dilapidated homes and buildings so that new homes can be built in their place. That strategy appears to be working.

After the city tears down and old property, they typically sells the lots for just one dollar.

Even at its peak back in 1920, the town of Gary only had 333 residents. Now the census estimates indicate that there is just over 200 people. But Mayor Engen says it’s small size, affordability, and access to basic amenities is what makes the community so attractive.

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