City of Hillsboro Looking into $12 Million in Street Repairs

City of Hillsboro Looking into $12 Million in Street Repairs

January 21, 2022 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Hillsboro, ND — The city of Hillsboro has been taking a good look the past few months at a number of street improvements that need to be done throughout the city and Commissioners Terry Sando and Dave Sather have been working with their city engineer to examine their biggest needs. The City Commission as a whole took a look at those needs, potential costs, and how to pay for it during their most recent meeting on Tuesday night, January 18th. Commission President Sando says overall the streets are in “fair” condition, according to their engineer inspections, but there are still a number of repairs and updates that need to be done in addition to paving.

The overall cost estimate for the Hillsboro Street project would be around $12 million, which came in higher than originally anticipated. It would likely be paid for through special property assessments, but Sando notes with a current bond coming off the books soon, the actual increase to property owners would not be as impactful.

As it is such a large project with local tax implications, President Sando says there will be opportunities for public input in the near future to help commissioners chose a path forward.

The Hillsboro City Commission will continue their discussions about the street paving project at their next regular monthly meeting, which is scheduled for February 7th.