Fosston’s Curling Club Looks to Deliver in Upcoming Novice Bonspiel Tournament

Fosston’s Curling Club Looks to Deliver in Upcoming Novice Bonspiel Tournament

January 27, 2022 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Mary Balstad

Fosston, MN – Frosty Days are coming up in Fosston, Minnesota, which creates a great time for friendly gatherings and activities. The new Fosston Curling Club is looking to host their 3rd Annual Novice Bonspiel in conjunction with the Frosty Days celebration. Set for Sunday, January 30th, this tournament invites people of all ages and experience levels to participate. Curling Club member Evan Founder spoke about this upcoming event on Tuesday, January 25th’s ‘Food for Thought.’ With the keen interest in the sport from many in the area, Founder says the novice bonspiel has garnered a wide reach. Participants from outside of the Fosston area are eager to slide in and join. The increase in participation numbers has even raised the number of allotted teams from ten to fourteen.

The tournament fee is $100 per team of four. Teams can be made up of all men, women or mixed genders. There are still open spots for teams to sign up. Founder says the curling club hopes to further its growth by purchasing more equipment, allowing for many curling nights in the future.

The Fosston Curling Club is working on becoming a member of the Minnesota Curling Association. With the energy that Minnesota and U.S.A. curling have, Founder says joining the association shows promise for the future of the curling club, as the sport continues to grow in numbers with no end in sight.

The Fosston Curling Club’s Third Annual Novice Bonspiel will be on Sunday, January 30th starting at 12 P.M. Teams can register by emailing the club at Concessions will be available and the top three teams will win Fosston Bucks. More information about the club or any of its events can be found at the Fosston Curling Club’s Facebook Page.