Mississippi-Brainerd Watershed Video Brings Inspiration to Landowners in the Heartland of Minnesota

Mississippi-Brainerd Watershed Video Brings Inspiration to Landowners in the Heartland of Minnesota

February 8, 2022 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

 Featuring everything from a natural shoreline buffer on Big Swan Lake to a Morrison County farmer planting over 25,186 trees; private landowners are making headway on water quality protection in The Mississippi, Brainerd Watershed. We hope that you will find inspiration to do the same! Crow Wing, Morrison, Aitkin, and Todd Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) have brought together farmers, lakeshore owners, and conservation stewards to share their success stories in a 28-minute public video, https://youtu.be/j4N2MBHyA3Q

Speakers (in order) Include:  

1.    Lee Daly of Big Swan Lake, Todd County.  

2.    Doug John, Wildlife Habitat, Morrison County.  

3.    Terry Tichenor and Pat Norby of Serpent Lake Association, Crow Wing County. 

4.    John and Lois of Big Swan Lake in Todd County. 

5.    Mark Berscheit, Dairy Farm in Todd County. 

6.    Chuck Macy of Big Swan Lake Association in Todd County. 

7.    Jerry Nelson and Bob Koslowski of Lone Lake Association in Aitkin County. 

8.    Ron and Neal Loidolt Tree Farm in Morrison County. 

To learn more about The Mississippi-Brainerd Watershed visit,  https://www.pca.state.mn.us/water/watersheds/mississippi-river-brainerd or scroll through an interactive story map to see more projects within the watershed, https://www.cwswcd.org/watershed-planning.  

The Crow Wing SWCD is proud of local landowners for the incredible soil and water conservation work they have done and continue to do.  We appreciate private landowners, such as these 8, who inspire their neighbors, friends, and family to make improvements on their land for future generations. Thank You! 

This video was funded by a grant from The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and produced by Red Canoe Cre8tive. For this and other CW SWCD videos featuring everything from How-to shoreline restoration to watershed education visit us on YouTube, https://youtu.be/j4N2MBHyA3Q or call 218-828-6197.