DNR issues letter to Twin Metals for end of EIS, income contract

DNR issues letter to Twin Metals for end of EIS, income contract

February 17, 2022 News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold kkin@rjbroadcasting.com (2/18/22)

(Minnesota) — Following the cancellation of two federal mining leases for the proposed Twin Metals project back on January 26th, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources issued a letter concerning the State Environmental Impact Statement and Income Contract between the two entities.

In the letter from DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen to Twin Metals Minnesota CEO Kelly Osborne, the DNR “has directed its staff to stop work on the environmental review for the proposed Twin Metals project.” The statement also went into further detail with the consolation of the review that “the DNR will follow-up with separate correspondence to terminate the (income) contract, which will allow us to close out accounts and return all unexpended funds.”

Termination of contract between the DNR and Emmons and Olivier Resources, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, and Minnesota Department of Health will also be conducted for their work on the project. 

A determination was also made on the proposed placement of the tailings disposal facility, which would provide “unacceptable financial risk to the State and potentially to the School Trust Fund”, with the proposed facility near School Trust lands.

Final invoices are estimated to take around 3 months for completion.