Crosby City Council meeting from Feb. 14th leads to posting of Police Chief position

Crosby City Council meeting from Feb. 14th leads to posting of Police Chief position

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By Paul Vold (2/22/22)

(Crosby, MN) — The Crosby City Council meeting from Februry 14th included talks of City projects and personnel matters relating to the Crosby Police Department from the City Hall Council Chambers.

Cadence Wynn, 9th grader from C-I High School and member of the Student Action Leadership Team, on planting a tree at Crosby Memorial Park.

The request was approved by the Council, as well as public space request for the Cuyuna Range Farmers Market to close off the Park Plaza from Main Street to the alley, and a letter of support for fundraising activities in support of dedicated pickleball courts in Ironton. 

City Administrator Matthew Hill opened talks on the ordinance concerning the Planning and Zoning Committee membership.

More discussion and public comments for the Planning and Zonning Committee will also be discussed during the February 28th council meeting. Administrator Hill also presented on potential changes to the Police Chief job description.

The changes were approved as well as posting of the Crosby Police Chief position and purchase a new furnace for the Police Department. Police Chief Rooney spoke before the Council on working with the Region 5 Police Department Chiefs to investigate department policy.

The action was approved to go with approval for the purchase of 2 new Patrol Vehicles for the Police Department and a Joint Powers Agreeemnt with the State of Minnesota.

The Council also took action on behalf of the Fire Department a new application and hire up to 4 new firefighters and a vehicle wrap on the command vehicle.

The Crosby City Council did approve the one-day temporary gambling permit for Cuyna Range Whitetails, one-day liquor license, Special Event Application and Outdoor Fireworks Application for the City of Crosby Fire Department and the 4th of July Community Event.

Approval was also given for payments of the City’s insurance premium for 2022 property/casualty policy, the City’s portion of the Highway 210 project, and to W. Gohman for work completed on 2021 sidewalk project, allow the City Clerk/Administrator/Treasurer to run checks weekly, and a liquor license to SuperOne Liquor, LLC.

The Crosby City Council is next scheduled to meet on Monday, February 28th at 6pm from the City Hall Council Chambers.