Shock & Awe Taking Submissions For Grant Idea Drive

Shock & Awe Taking Submissions For Grant Idea Drive

April 1, 2022 Kaleidoscope News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Twin Valley, MN — Shock & Awe, a youth philanthropy group comprised of students from the Ada-Borup-West and Norman County East School, is seeking grant ideas for their annual grant idea drive! This mission of Shock & Awe and their grant idea drive the essentially the same, and that’s to address the changing needs of our community in an innovative and ever transforming society. It provides an opportunity for your organization to put in a wish list for funding for your community projects.

Last year the group was not able to grant out funds due to the pandemic, but group Navigator Anne Nalewaja says they are back and ready to make an impact on the community through grants.

Since the first grand idea drive in 2016, Shock & Awe has awarded approximately $245,000 to various groups and civic organizations, such as are fire departments, schools, churches and numerous non-profits throughout Norman County.

Norman County East Senior and current Shock & Awe President Soren Hoekstra says many of those groups help support the many student causes and needs throughout the year, so it’s nice to do the same for them.

Grant Applications are due by April 18th. Questions asked on the application pertain to the specific purpose of the grant, amount requested, total cost, in-kind labor or costs, time frame, and how the request relates to their mission statement. You can download an application online at

Listen to the full interview with Anne Nalewaja, Bjorn Solberg, and Soren Hoekstra from the KRJB Kaleidoscope Program below: