Polk County Commission Update

Polk County Commission Update

April 12, 2022 Food for Thought News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Fosston, MN — Costs continue to increase for just about everything, which was evident in the most recent Polk County Commission report heard on the KKCQ Food for Thought Program this week. The Polk County Commission is in the process of expanding their landfill and closing the old portion. Commissioner Joan Lee says they were able to save some costs by prebuying material last year, but the overall cost of the project will be much higher than anticipated.

Commissioner Lee notes that this year’s price increases, along with supply shortages, have presented a challenge because their budgeting was done last year prior to the surge in costs.

Some good news as far as costs go in relation to the new Sheriff’s Department radios. Lee stated that the Polk County Commission agreed to move forward with the purchase of 24 portable radios and 26 in-car units as the bid came back very competitive.

And the commission also approved the sale of bonds for their Tri-County Corrections juvenile detention center renovations. Lee says the bond rate was slightly higher than originally estimated, but was not completely unexpected either.

Listen to the full interview with Polk County Commission Joan Lee from the KKCQ Food for Thought Program below: