Norman County Raceway Advantage RV Mod Tour Results 7/21/22

Norman County Raceway Advantage RV Mod Tour Results 7/21/22

July 22, 2022 Sports News 0


The WISSOTA Modifieds returned to NCR and didn’t disappoint. Blake Jegtvig got out to the early lead in the 32 lap feature and soon was being hunted down by the Millennial Farmer Zach Johnson. Johnson stayed hot on his tail for roughly 15 laps before finally making the right moves in lap traffic and grabbing the lead. Johnson had a good sized lead before Tyler Peterson, who had a $500 bonus on the line if he went from 9th to 1st, made contact with a lap car, which spun and brought a caution with 7 to go. Restarting 3rd, Peterson took advantage of the track position and raced hard with Johnson before eventually clearing him. Peterson grabbed the $500 bonus and the win, but at the expense of his motor which blew up as he crossed the finish line.

Tyler Peterson KRJB Victory Lane Comments #ROTR501

A Feature 1: 1. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson[9]; 2. 6X-Zach Johnson[4]; 3. 71-Dustin Strand[6]; 4. 2J-Blake Jegtvig[2]; 5. 7T-Corky Thomas[3]; 6. 45J-Johnny Broking[18]; 7. 4J-Lee Grosz[1]; 8. 21X-Travis Saurer[10]; 9. 6ST-Joseph Thomas[16]; 10. 5BA-Aaron Blacklance[5]; 11. 45-Bob Broking[7]; 12. 88-Randy Klein[13]; 13. 74-Dustin Wahl[11]; 14. 22B-Josh Beaulieu[14]; 15. 48-Jerome Guyot[17]; 16. 22-Davey Mills[12]; 17. 25-Ryan Johnson[22]; 18. 57-Michael Tiani[19]; 19. (DNF) 12-Matt Aukland[20]; 20. (DNF) 9E-Don Eischens[8]; 21. (DNF) 2-Aaron Holtan[15]; 22. (DNF) 96-Erv Grossman[21]

Heat 1: 1. 71-Dustin Strand[2]; 2. 6X-Zach Johnson[3]; 3. 9E-Don Eischens[8]; 4. 21X-Travis Saurer[4]; 5. 88-Randy Klein[1]; 6. 6ST-Joseph Thomas[6]; 7. 45J-Johnny Broking[7]; 8. 12-Matt Aukland[5]

Heat 2: 1. 2J-Blake Jegtvig[2]; 2. 45-Bob Broking[3]; 3. 5BA-Aaron Blacklance[5]; 4. 74-Dustin Wahl[1]; 5. 22B-Josh Beaulieu[7]; 6. (DNF) 96-Erv Grossman[4]; 7. (DNS) 25-Ryan Johnson

Heat 3: 1. 4J-Lee Grosz[2]; 2. 7T-Corky Thomas[6]; 3. 1TPO-Tyler Peterson[5]; 4. 22-Davey Mills[3]; 5. 2-Aaron Holtan[7]; 6. 48-Jerome Guyot[4]; 7. 57-Michael Tiani[1]10 entries


Ryan Braseth ran down his brother Alex and Ashton Spieker at the end of the race to pick up the win in the INEX Legends.

Ryan Braseth KRJB Victory Lane Comments #ROTR499

A Feature 1: 1. 29-Ryan Braseth[7]; 2. 2-Ashton Spieker[8]; 3. 21-Ryan Lewis[2]; 4. 7-Kody Machart[3]; 5. 19E-Elzetta Bitker[4]; 6. 2J-Joseph Lewis[1]; 7. 0W-Cody Jawaski[5]; 8. (DNF) 20-Alex Braseth[6]; 9. (DNF) 9-Cody Neset[9]; 10. (DNS) 72-Tye Wilke

Heat 1: 1. 29-Ryan Braseth[4]; 2. 7-Kody Machart[2]; 3. 2J-Joseph Lewis[1]; 4. 0W-Cody Jawaski[3]; 5. (DNS) 72-Tye Wilke

Heat 2: 1. 2-Ashton Spieker[4]; 2. 19E-Elzetta Bitker[2]; 3. 20-Alex Braseth[3]; 4. 21-Ryan Lewis[1]; 5. 9-Cody Neset[5]12 entries


It’s been awhile since Matt Schow had found KRJB Victory Lane at NCR, but everything seemed to be working right this week as he held off the red-hot Aaron Blacklance to pick up the win.

Matt Schow KRJB Victory Lane Comments #ROTR497

A Feature 1: 1. 2S-Matt Schow[2]; 2. 5BA-Aaron Blacklance[8]; 3. 46J-Taylor Jacobson[1]; 4. 87S-Reise Stenberg[6]; 5. 28S-Ryan Schow[3]; 6. 30-Cole Neset[5]; 7. 4X-Phil Christlieb[4]; 8. 39-Jamie Dietzler[7]; 9. 404-Tracy Blumke[9]; 10. 406-Brady Jawaski[11]; 11. 17K-Kamey Leedom[12]; 12. (DNF) 77-Ethan Klein[10]

Heat 1: 1. 2S-Matt Schow[1]; 2. 5BA-Aaron Blacklance[5]; 3. 87S-Reise Stenberg[3]; 4. 39-Jamie Dietzler[4]; 5. 404-Tracy Blumke[2]; 6. 406-Brady Jawaski[6]

Heat 2: 1. 46J-Taylor Jacobson[1]; 2. 4X-Phil Christlieb[3]; 3. 30-Cole Neset[4]; 4. 28S-Ryan Schow[5]; 5. 77-Ethan Klein[2]; 6. 17K-Kamey Leedom[6]7 entries


Teammates Rick Schulz and Todd Heinrich raced door to door for the first portion of the Stock Car main event. Heinrich on the bottom and Schulz up high, the two swapped the lead back and forth before Heinrich eventually got loose and opened the door for Rob VanMil to grab the 2nd spot. VanMil waited for the right opportunity with about 5 laps to go, through a slide job in turn 3 and 4, and took the top spot from Schulz as well.

Rob VanMil KRJB Victory Lane Comments #ROTR498

A Feature 1: 1. 40-Rob VanMil[6]; 2. 4-Rick Schulz[2]; 3. 38-Todd Heinrich[1]; 4. 11-Kalvin Kesselberg[4]; 5. B1-Brody Carlsrud[3]; 6. 86-Thomas Ahrndt[7]; 7. 67-Ryan Satter[5]

Heat 1: 1. 4-Rick Schulz[2]; 2. 38-Todd Heinrich[1]; 3. B1-Brody Carlsrud[3]; 4. 67-Ryan Satter[6]; 5. 11-Kalvin Kesselberg[4]; 6. 40-Rob VanMil[5]; 7. 86-Thomas Ahrndt[7]6 entries


A battle of young versus old in the Hobby Stocks as Brodee Eckerdt and Brad Overdal raced side by side for several laps. Just past the halfway mark, Eckerdt used the bump-and-run move to clear Overdal and would hold on after a late race restart for another win.

Brodee Eckerdt KRJB Victory Lane Comments #ROTR496

A Feature 1: 1. B2-Brodee Eckerdt[1]; 2. 3XL-Brad Orvedal[2]; 3. 21-Tim Church[4]; 4. 73-Todd Gettel[3]; 5. 8-Jeff Busby[5]; 6. 24-Trystyn Halvorson[6]

Heat 1: 1. B2-Brodee Eckerdt[2]; 2. 21-Tim Church[5]; 3. 3XL-Brad Orvedal[3]; 4. 73-Todd Gettel[4]; 5. 8-Jeff Busby[6]; 6. 24-Trystyn Halvorson[1]7 entries


Felton’s Andy Pake picked up a heat win and got out to the early lead in the feature, but Trevor Serbus had a much faster lane “ripping the cushion” and drove past Pake on his way to a win at NCR.

Trevor Serbus KRJB Victory Lane Comments ROTR500

A Feature 1: 1. 10-Trevor Serbus[3]; 2. 64-Andy Pake[1]; 3. 13-Ty Hanten[4]; 4. 1-Amelia Eisenschenk[6]; 5. 69-Brandon Rekow[2]; 6. 39-Morgan Nyquist[5]; 7. 84-Joshua Johnson[7]

Heat 1: 1. 64-Andy Pake[2]; 2. 13-Ty Hanten[1]; 3. 10-Trevor Serbus[5]; 4. 69-Brandon Rekow[3]; 5. 39-Morgan Nyquist[4]; 6. 1-Amelia Eisenschenk[7]; 7. 84-Joshua Johnson[6]