Hillsboro City Commission Leans Heavy on Budget Discussions During August 1st Meeting

Hillsboro City Commission Leans Heavy on Budget Discussions During August 1st Meeting

August 3, 2022 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Hillsboro, ND — The Hillsboro City Commission held their first regular monthly meeting on Monday night, August 1st at the Main Street Community Center. Preliminary budget talks took up a majority of the discussion during the meeting as the commission is looking at increasing their mils to 63.17 mils, which would equate to an increase of $55,000 to what is taxed to Hillsboro property owners. While they anticipate costs going up, Hillsboro City Commission President Levi Reese says the main reason for the increase is offset expenses currently be paid for through their electrical fund.

President Reese says that ideally it’s best that the electrical fund is used to cover their electrical projects, which they do have some of in the works.

And in an attempt to continue their beatification efforts, Reese introduced his Property Enhancement Project Proposal to the rest of the commission at this week’s meeting. The plan, which is still in the preliminary stages, would provide funding for residents who demolish old structures.

According to Reese’s proposal, the Property Enhance Project would be funded by the city and EDC. To be eligible for demolition loans or grants, the property would have to meet certain requirements, such as being valued at less than $50,000 or requiring more than 50% of value in repair costs. The amount of funding would also increase if a new structure is built on the property within 18 months of demolition.

The next regular Hillsboro City Commission meeting is August 15th. All meetings are broadcast live at YourLiveEvent.com. Watch this week’s commission meeting below: