City of Halstad Seeking Feedback for Landmark Facility

City of Halstad Seeking Feedback for Landmark Facility

August 4, 2022 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Halstad, MN — The City of Halstad and the Landmark, formerly the Norman County West High School, are looking for input from community members on how to create and enhance community education and recreational opportunities within the iconic facility. A survey has now been published and Trish Schilling with the City of Halstad says they are looking for thoughts and ideas on how they can provide programs and opportunities that support and build health, knowledge, skills, and character for all ages and stages of life while utilizing cross-generational involvement and community strengths to meet community’s needs.

The Landmark is already being utilized in a number of different ways, including weekly summer recreation activities for kids, fitness center and gymnasium, campground, and seasonal storage. A welding union is also using the old shop room for training opportunities. However, it’s a large property with a lot more potential.

While the survey was just recently put online, Schilling says they’ve received a lot of feedback over the past few months on other ways they can develop opportunities for all ages at the Landmark.

The City of Halstad is also planning to introduce a logo contest in the near future for the Landmark. You can fill out the survey online or visit Landmark Halstad on Facebook.