National Park Service to Open Kettle Falls Business Opportunity

National Park Service to Open Kettle Falls Business Opportunity

August 23, 2022 News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN:  The National Park Service (NPS) anticipates releasing a prospectus for a concession business opportunity to provide Lodging, Food and Beverage, Retail, Marina, and other services at Kettle Falls within Voyageurs National Park in the fourth quarter of this calendar year. The prospectus will describe the business opportunity and the terms and conditions of Concession Contract #CC-VOYA002-24 (Draft Contract). 

The NPS announces in this notice, its intention to host a site visit for interested parties on October 3, 2022, weather dependent, or October 4, 2022, in advance of the release of the solicitation. The site visit provides interested parties an overview of the concession operation and a tour of the Concession Facilities (land and real property improvements assigned to the concessioner under the Draft Contract).  

To attend the site visit, registration is required. To register, please contact Kelly Kager, Commercial Services Specialist, Regions 3, 4, 5 via email at no later than September 26, 2022. You must provide your name, contact information, the name of the company interested in submitting a proposal that you represent, and the number of people in your party. Due to space constraints, the NPS limits the number of site visit attendees to a total of four (4) people per interested company. All individuals attending the site visit must disclose to the NPS the company with which they are affiliated. Transportation to and from Kettle Falls will be provided by the NPS. 

Attendance at the site visit is encouraged, but not required, to submit a proposal. Typically, the NPS holds a site visit after the release of the prospectus. However, in this case, the NPS does not intend to host an additional, post-release site visit because the weather and lake conditions become extremely challenging in the fourth quarter of the calendar year and the only access to the location is by boat or snowmobile. 

The Prospectus will include a detailed Business Opportunity describing the obligations of the contract as well as a draft contract and exhibits as well as directions on how to complete an offer. The NPS will not answer questions about this prospectus or business opportunity during registration or the site visit. Interested parties must submit questions in writing after the release of the solicitation to the contact person by the deadline that will be provided in the prospectus.