Ada-Borup-West School Board News & Notes from September 13th Meeting

Ada-Borup-West School Board News & Notes from September 13th Meeting

September 14, 2022 Kaleidoscope News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Ada, MN — The Ada-Borup-West School Board held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday morning, September 13th where they discussed the start to the school year, recent test results, district goals and more. Ada-Borup-West Superintendent Aaron Cook reported that the district is off to a good start with 702 students currently enrolled. He added that one of the big goals for staff, administration, and students is having high expectations for everyone.

Assessment Coordinator Deane Flom also presented on their last year’s MCA test data. Superintendent Cook says there’s more data to uncover, but they will use those results as a benchmark for continuing to make improvements.

The Ada-Borup-West School Board goals for the 2022-23 year were also adopted at this week’s meeting. Cook says they made a few tweaks after initially being unveiled last month.

The full list of their School Board goals, as well as the full interview Superintendent Cook, is posted below:

Ada-Borup-West 2022-23 School Board Goals

● To maintain an unassigned general fund balance of 25 to 33% of general fund expenditures

● Update district signage to new Ada-Borup-West district name when items need replacement, while

prioritizing high traffic areas to be updated as soon as possible

● To have continued communication efforts to ensure all families receive pertinent information

● To expose students to various careers at an early age & continue to expose students progress through the

education levels.

● Encourage participation in fine arts activities and retain students as they progress through grade levels.

The goal is to have a 5% higher percentage of students retained after the 22-23 school year compared to

the 21-22 school year.

● Invite community member input on local job force needs while evaluating the district’s classroom

programming and space used for career, technical school, and college readiness for our students

Full interview with Ada-Borup-West Superintendent Aaron Cook: