BlueCross BlueShield Survey Indicates Seniors Feeling Better About their Health

BlueCross BlueShield Survey Indicates Seniors Feeling Better About their Health

September 15, 2022 Access Health News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Minnesota — A new survey from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota finds that the state’s seniors are feeling better about their health in 2022—and intend to take precautions to protect it. Specifically, the percentage who feel “in control” of their own health has jumped from 29-percent last year to 56-percent this year. What’s more, they report experiencing fewer negative emotions in regard to COVID-19 than they have in either of the past two years, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield Representative John Hines.

In fact, a full two-thirds of this year’s respondents say that they’re motivated to prioritize their health since turning 65. Their top goals include: making healthier food choices; improving diet and nutrition; losing weight and gaining muscle; and either improving or maintaining strength.

Also according to this year’s survey, Minnesota’s seniors tend to look to the positive things about aging—including more free time, more time to spend with family and friends, and more time to travel. However, some still face challenges around health, finances, or personal loss—and, therefore, tend to have a negative outlook.

One of the focus areas this year was indeed on travel: 60-percent of Minnesota’s seniors plan on traveling within the next 12 months—with over 80-percent of those respondents planning on taking more than one trip. Most of these planned trips will be within the U.S. Hines adds that a majority are hoping to take their “dream vacation” within the next two years.

Meanwhile, staying active and healthy while traveling is important—with almost two-thirds of Minnesota’s seniors walking, jogging, or running for exercise while traveling. Likewise, they indicate that having healthcare available to them while traveling is a priority.

Hines also says this year’s survey also focused on safety-proofing homes to help prevent falls.

A full 71-percent haven’t had concerns about falling in their own home—even though just 38-percent haven’t already taken any precautions.

Listen to the full interview with John Hines of Blue Cross Blue Shield during the Access Health Program this Saturday morning.