Wake the Lakes “Lifehack of the Week” : Genius Christmas Hacks

Wake the Lakes “Lifehack of the Week” : Genius Christmas Hacks

December 5, 2022 Wake the Lakes 0

 –DIY Christmas Ornament Storage: Inexpensive felt is all you need to create this Christmas hack. To keep delicate ornaments from breaking, store them in boxes with individual felt wrappers. For the easiest Christmas decoration storage, fill slim boxes and top with another layer of felt. 

–Use Fir Trimmings Instead of Purchasing a Wreath:  Don’t splurge on a wreath that gets displayed just once a year. Make your own using the trimmings fresh from your tree, or fresh cuttings from your outdoor evergreens, fanned out as a star. Red sprigs from the dollar store dress it up.

–Turn Cookie Cutters into Ornaments:  A quick ribbon-wrap turns holiday baking supplies into trendy tree decorations. Put a tiny bit of tape (instead of glue) at the beginning and end points and you’ll be able to reuse the set to shape cookies next year.

–Chill Wine with Frozen Cranberries:  Your wine bucket just gained the spotlight on your dinner table. Lay cranberries on a shallow tray and run just enough water to cover them. Freeze, then break into pieces. Add to your ice bucket with a collection of fir cuttings, and pop some bubbly.

–Glue Crafts Sticks to Make a Snowflake Tree Tropper:  A bunch of crafts sticks spray-painted white and hot-glued together make an easy, zero-stress Christmas tree topper. Attach to your tree using no-show fishing line.

–Reuse Tangled Light Strands:  Christmas lights tangled and balled up after last year’s display? Instead of throwing them out, turn your clump of outdoor lights into a show stopping spectacle by laying them in a planter and topping with branches.  It will create a festive display for indoors or out.