Barnesville City Council Meeting

Barnesville City Council Meeting

March 17, 2023 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

BARNESVILLE, MN—Monday’s Barnesville City Council meeting was a busy one.  Barnesville City Administrator Jeremy Cossette says there was a bond sale to finance a project on Highway 9.

Cossette says there will be an open house with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to go over the project in April at a date to be determined.  

Also at Monday’s meeting, Barnesville’s city liquor ordinance code was changed.

Cossette says the City Council also changed the makeup of Barnesville’s parks board.

Cossette says the Barnesville City Council also voted to make June 19th a holiday, as the federal government has done to mark the end of slavery in the US.