McGregor at Aitkin

McGregor at Aitkin

December 28, 2021 0


20 points from Rae Nyberg, 18 from Ella Janzen was more than Aitkin needed to propel the Gobblers to 64-21 victory over McGregor in the 36th annual Holiday Tournament from the AHS Gym Tuesday night. The Mercs were led by Jordan Paquette’s 8 points and Ava Guida added 7 points and 7 rebounds off the bench.

Aitkin has now won 4 of their last 5 game, now with 5-3 record as they head to the Tournament Championship game against Milaca at 7pm, which will be broadcasted on KKIN-AM 930/FM 103.1 and with a 6:40pm pregame start.

Aitkin Stats (36 rebounds; 12 turnovers; 8-11 FT): Rae Nyberg 20pts, 10rebs; Ella Janzen 18pts, 2rebs; Sophie Snyder 10pts, 4rebs; Camille Parenteau 5pts, 8rebs; Jilly Cline 5pts, 3rebs; Emma Jacobson 4pts, 2rebs; Sara Thompson 3pts, 2rebs

McGregor Stats (24 rebounds, 17 turnovers; 4-11 FT): Jordan Paquette 8pts, 4rebs; Ava Guida 7pts, 7rebs; Courtney Gauthier 4pts, 4rebs; Violet Brekke 2pts, 3rebs; Vivian Barden 4rebs; Claire Geyen 2rebs