Wake the Lakes

Wake the Lakes with BA and The Shield airs every weekday morning from 6am – 9am! Tune into your favorite R & J Broadcasting station out of Brainerd and Aitkin for news, weather, time, community news and events, and of course plenty of fun! Check out our Weird and Wacky Wednesday stories, Community Connection interviews, interesting updates about events, Project Radio Outreach, and more!

Wake The Lakes Moron Lawbreaker for the Week: “Texas Woman Arrested Smuggling Spider Monkey In Box She Claimed Held Beer”

(Brownsville, TX)  --  A Texas woman is under arrest after attempting to smuggle an endangered spider monkey in a box ...
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Wake the Lakes “Lifehack of the Week” : Genius Christmas Hacks

 –DIY Christmas Ornament Storage: Inexpensive felt is all you need to create this Christmas hack. To keep delicate ornaments from ...
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“Silent Night of Hope” December 14th, 2022 Preview

We provide a preview of the "Silent Night of Hope" event coming up on Dec. 14th, 2022 at 6pm at ...
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