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R&J Sports Selection Show 2023 Presented by Lindfors Agency

The Selection Show is Presented by Lindfors Insurance Agency in Fosston, Bagley, Clearbrook, Ada, Mahnomen and Fertile. Lindfors, your insurance source.

2023 Selection Show with Kevin Kochmann, Sean Bjerk, Mac Robinson and Bracketologist Landon Schultz

Region Sponsors for this year include :
Brygee Taps and Tastes in Detroit Lakes
Garden Valley Technologies
Larson Parts and Repair Inc Bejou
M&W White Earth and Ogema

Madness Sponsors include :
E Z One Stop Waubun
Napa in Mahnomen
Select Ag Mahnomen
Pinehurst Resort
Midwest Bank Waubun


South Region Brygge Taps and Tastes  Detroit Lakes
#5 San Diego State - Bruce Nelson – Ada

East Region Garden Valley Technologies
#9 Flordia Atlantic University - Mark Potucek – Ada

Midwest Region Larsons Parts and Repair Bejou
#5 Miami - Dave Scrub Steen – Ada

West Region  M&W White Earth & Ogema
#4 UConn - Carla Juntunen – Ada


South Region Brygge Taps and Tastes  Detroit Lakes
#5 San Diego State – Delane Schaumberg - Bejou

East Region Garden Valley Technologies
#9 Flordia Atlantic University – Gina Marcussen - Ada

Midwest Region Larsons Parts and Repair Bejou
#5 Miami – Kirk Spilde - Ada

West Region M&W White Earth & Ogema
#4 UConn – Bomber Clark - Ogema


South Region Brygge Taps and Tastes  Detroit Lakes
#5 San Diego State – Gloria Steinbrenner – Fosston

East Region Garden Valley Technologies
#9 Flordia Atlantic University – Alyssa Macy – Fosston

Midwest Region Larsons Parts and Repair Bejou
#5 Miami – Caleb Green – Erskine

West Region M&W White Earth & Ogema
#4 UConn – Kit Brodseth - Bemidji

NCAA Tournament Madness Giveaway!

Home Grown Local Radio wants YOU to be part of the Big Dance! R&J Broadcasting, Inc will be giving away a $250 gas card from Station 371 in Pine River, a $50 Cub Foods gift card and other great prizes at our R & J Tournament Madness Giveaway! Here’s how your enter: Email  with your full name and contact information in order to placed randomly with one of the teams in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament! Tune in March 14th-17th during the “Wake the Lakes Morning Show” to hear which team you are matched with! Must be 21+ to qualify. Those eligible must one of the first 64 people to email for  the promotion, one qualifier per household. Again, email  for our Tournament Madness Giveaway with R&J Broadcasting, Inc.

(Winners are listed BOLD)

Final Four in Houston:

#9 Florida Atlantic (Stephanie Murray) vs #5 San Diego State (Russell Hoppe)

#5 Miami (Ben Schwarz) vs #4 UConn (Cory Niskanen)

Barstock Liquors Midwest Region:

Elite 8:

#5 Miami (Ben Schwarz) vs #2 Texas (Larry Kerr)

Sweet 16:

#1 Houston (Steve Johnson) vs #5 Miami (Ben Schwarz)

#3 Xavier (Vince Pierson) vs #2 Texas (Larry Kerr)

Round of 32:

#1 Houston (Steve Johnson) vs #9 Auburn (Lorie Niskanen)

#5 Miami (Ben Schwarz) vs #4 Indiana (Joan Hasskamp)

#11 Pittsburgh (Amy Madsen) vs #3 Xavier (Vince Pierson)

#2 Texas (Larry Kerr) vs #10 Penn State (Michael Lehrer)

Round of 64:

#1 Houston (Steve Johnson) vs #16 Northern Kentucky (Nick Barnum)

#8 Iowa (Bryan Imdieke) vs #9 Auburn (Lorie Niskanen)

#5 Miami (Ben Schwarz) vs #12 Drake (John Bescheinen)

#4 Indiana (Joan Hasskamp) vs #13 Kent State (Mark Thorsett)

#6 Iowa State (Brian Saeland) vs #11 Pittsburgh (Amy Madsen)

#3 Xavier (Vince Pierson) vs #14 Kennesaw State (James Tayloe)

#7 Texas A&M (Jeanne Horning) vs #10 Penn State (Michael Lehrer)

#2 Texas (Larry Kerr) vs #15 Colgate (Grant Gibson)

Yde’s Appliance East Region:

Elite 8:

#9 Florida Atlantic (Stephanie Murray) vs #3 Kansas State (Michael Duncan)

Sweet 16:

#9 Florida Atlantic (Stephanie Murray) vs #4 Tennessee (Joy Collin)

#3 Kansas State (Michael Duncan) vs #7 Michigan State (Tim Mogensen)

Round of 32:

#16 Fairleigh Dickinson (Tom Kientzle) vs #9 Florida Atlantic (Stephanie Murray)

#5 Duke (Don Vaughn) vs #4 Tennessee (Joy Collin)

#6 Kentucky (Cory Niskanen) vs #3 Kansas State (Michael Duncan)

#7 Michigan State (Tim Mogensen) vs #2 Marquette (Ken Nyquist)

Round of 64:

#1 Purdue (Mary Lou Cash) vs #16 Fairleigh Dickinson (Tom Kientzle)

#8 Memphis (Jed Harting) vs #9 Florida Atlantic (Stephanie Murray)

#5 Duke (Don Vaughn) vs #15 Oral Roberts (Randy Wermter)

#4 Tennessee (Joy Collin) vs #13 Louisiana (Kyle Koep)

#6 Kentucky (Cory Niskanen) vs #11 Providence (Vince Pierson)

#3 Kansas State (Michael Duncan) vs #14 Montana State (Ben Kinser)

#7 Michigan State (Tim Mogensen) vs #10 USC (Tom Noha)

#2 Marquette (Ken Nyquist) vs #15 Vermont (Todd Ellstrom)

Cuyuna Regional Medical Center South Region:

Elite 8:

#6 Creighton (Scott Besser) vs #5 San Diego State (Russell Hoppe)

Sweet 16:

#1 Alabama (Jeanne Horning) vs #5 San Diego State (Russell Hoppe)

#6 Creighton (Scott Besser) vs #15 Princeton (Mark Lund)

Round of 32:

#1 Alabama (Jeanne Horning) vs #8 Maryland (Larry Kerr)

#5 San Diego State (Russell Hoppe) vs #13 Furman (Levi Puetz)

#6 Creighton (Scott Besser) vs #3 Baylor (Joel Johnson)

#7 Missouri (Robert Bachman) vs #15 Princeton (Mark Lund)

Round of 64:

#1 Alabama (Jeanne Horning) vs #16 Texas A&M CC (Jared McCoy)

#8 Maryland (Larry Kerr) vs #9 West Virginia (James Tayloe)

#5 San Diego State (Russell Hoppe) vs #12 Charleston (Michael Lehrer)

#4 Virginia (Dirk Jakubik) vs #13 Furman (Levi Puetz)

#6 Creighton (Scott Besser) vs #11 NC State (Shannon Manary)

#3 Baylor (Joel Johnson) vs #14 UC Santa Barbara (Russell Burgoyne)

#7 Missouri (Robert Bachman) vs #10 Utah State (Grant Gibson)

#2 Arizona (John Steeber) vs #15 Princeton (Mark Lund)

Atwater GM in Aitkin West Region:

Elite 8:

#3 Gonzaga (Tim Mogensen) vs #4 UConn (Cory Niskanen)

Sweet 16:

#8 Arkansas (Dirk Jakubik) vs #4 UConn (Cory Niskanen)

#3 Gonzaga (Tim Mogensen) vs #2 UCLA (Stephanie Murray)

Round of 32:

#1 Kansas (Ben Schwarz) vs #8 Arkansas (Dirk Jakubik)

#5 St Mary’s (Bryan Imdieke) vs #4 UConn (Cory Niskanen)

#6 TCU (Bret Sergent) vs #3 Gonzaga (Tim Mogensen)

#7 Northwestern (Levi Puetz) vs #2 UCLA (Stephanie Murray)

Round of 64:

#1 Kansas (Ben Schwarz) vs #16 Howard (Mary Lou Cash)

#8 Arkansas (Dirk Jakubik) vs #9 Illinois (Don Vaughn)

#5 St Mary’s (Bryan Imdieke) vs #12 VCU (Nick Barnum)

#4 UConn (Cory Niskanen) vs #13 Iona (Robert Bachman)

#6 TCU (Bret Sergent) vs #11 Arizona State (Steve Johnson)

#3 Gonzaga (Tim Mogensen) vs #14 Grand Canyon (Jed Harting)

#7 Northwestern (Levi Puetz) vs #10 Boise State (Randy Wermter)

#2 UCLA (Stephanie Murray) vs #15 UNC Asheville (John Bescheinen)

R & J Broadcasting, Inc. Valentines for Vets

R & J Broadcasting, Inc. would like to honor our Veterans with “Valentines for Vets.”  To help us with that, please email a nomination of a special veteran in your life to: by February 13th, 2023. We will randomly pick a few of those Veterans to win special Valentine’s Day prizes from our sponsors including:

Bliss Salon & Boutique, Pequot Lakes
The Wild Daisy, Pequot Lakes
Pequot Lakes American Legion
Cub Foods, Brainerd & Baxter
Party World, Baxter
Commander Bar & JJ’s Pub, Breezy Point
Lakes Area Safe & Vault, Brainerd
Station 371, Pine River
Tanner Motors, Brainerd
Lucky’s Tavern, Pequot Lakes
Nisswa American Legion
Rasley Oil
Westside Liquor, Baxter
Rob Mueller-Electrician
Fancy Pants Chocolates, Brainerd

Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day morning at 7:20 on the Wake the Lakes Morning Show.  .  Nominations will be accepted now through February 13th.  Entrants must be 21 years old and one nomination per household, please.  Thank you for helping us salute our Vets with R & J Broadcasting’s “Valentines for Vets” on Homegrown Local Radio.

The Winning Veterans are: AJ Lutter, Todd Jensen, John Steeber and Brian M Peterson.

The Wake the Lakes “Week of Love” Contest

The “Week of Love” Contest on the Wake the Lakes Morning Show is from February 6th through the 10th, 2023. Each morning at about 7:20 from February 6th to February 10th, we will announce your chance to call in and be caller number SIX at 218-828-9994. If you are caller SIX, you will win a prize, thanks to our sponsors, including:

Beyond Bella Aesthetics, Brainerd
Purple Fern Bath Company, Brainerd

Must be 21 or older to participate, one winner per family per household per 30 days. Celebrate the “Week of Love'' on the Wake the Lakes Morning Show with Homegrown Local Radio February 6th through the 10th.

12 Days of Christmas

Starting Monday, December 5th, you could win one of 12 prizes as we count down everyone’s favorite 12 Days of Christmas.  Each day offers a new prize and another chance to win. Entry period ends at 6pm and one entry per day, and our daily winner will be randomly drawn from all entries received that day. Oh yes, those prizes each day will be very nice.  But, on that 13th Day of Christmas, December 21st, we will have an extra special grand prize that you could win!   Listen to the Wake the Lakes Morning Show from 6 to 9 for us to announce that day’s special holiday word for the 12 Days of Christmas.  Then, simply send an email with your contact information and the holiday word for the day in the subject line to and you are entered to win.  Daily prize winners will be randomly drawn at 7:20 every weekday through December 20th with the Grand Prize Drawing on December 21st! Entrants must be 21 or older to qualify, one winner per household with full contest rules at! Help Home Grown Local Radio spread holiday cheer by entering the 12 Days of Christmas!

Thank you our Sponsors: Bliss Salon & Boutique, Pequot Lakes; Joe’s Pizza, Pequot Lakes; Yde’s Major Appliance, Brainerd; Merritt Jewelers, Pequot Lakes; Party World in Baxter; Barstock Liquors, Crosby, Crosslake & Pine River; Lake Country Crafts & Cones, Crosslake; Erickson’s Greenhouse, Brainerd; Corral Auto, Brainerd; Play N Trade, Baxter; Sound Connection, Brainerd; Station 371, Pine River; Valeri Ann’s Family Foods, Ossipee; American National Bank, Baxter & Brainerd

Emails Phrases to qualifiers to send for that day’s daily prize:

Monday, December 5th - Santa (Winner - Jennifer Franks)

Tuesday, December 6th - Snowflake (Winner - Levi Raddatz)

Wednesday, December 7th - Reindeer (Winner - Roy Collin)

Thursday, December 8th - Snowman (Winner - Linda Dzuba)

Friday, December 9th - Candy Cane (Winner - Kelly Schaefer)

Monday, December 12th - Sleigh (Winner - Marianne Auge)

Tuesday, December 13th - Elf (Winner - Paula Snider)

Wednesday, December 14th - Ornament (Winner - Gina Wold)

Thursday, December 15th - Stocking (Winner - Mark Eggen)

Friday, December 16th - Nutcracker (Winner - Mark Lund)

Monday, December 19th - Present (Winner - Sheila Swartout)

Tuesday, December 20th - Cookies (Winner - Linda Danielson)

Wednesday, December 21st - GRAND PRIZE - Mistletoe (Winner - Pam Landgren)

R & J Broadcasting Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

Send R & J Broadcasting pictures of your Halloween pumpkin carvings via email and we will pick a winner at random for a "Pumpkin Pail of Prizes." Please submit your pictures October 11, 2022 through October 28, 2022. Send them to: Make sure to include your contact information along with your pumpkin carving picture. One entry per household. We will pick and announce the winner on the Wake the Lakes Morning Show the morning of October 31st. Thanks to our sponsors: Party World, Baxter; Cub Foods, Brainerd & Baxter; Canvas Tech, Pine River; and Reed's Market, Crosslake.

From: Hannah Spitzley

From:  Drew Wikelius 

From: Kallie Ebnet

From: Finnlee and Penelope Topp

From: Joseph Dunbar (TOP) and Kimberly Dunbar (BOTTOM)

The Wake the Lakes Birthday Game

Hey, if you have a birthday, listen up, the “Wake the Lakes” Birthday Game is BACK!   Starting Monday, March 27th, listeners will be invited to call into the “Wake the Lakes” Morning Show at 218-828-9994 Monday through Friday at 7:20.  Caller number SIX will win a CHANCE to Spin the Birthday Wheel!  If the Wheel lands on the caller’s Birthday Month, they win 300 bucks AND get a Second Spin of the Birthday Wheel.  If the Second Spin lands on the caller’s birthday date, their prize gets upgraded to a Grand Total of $1000!!  Thursday mornings, you’ll have TWO chances to play the game at 7:20 and 8:20!

Our Birthday Game is brought to you by:

Reed’s Market, Crosslake

371 Furniture, Brainerd

Dairy Queen, Brainerd

Station 371, Pine River

Corral Auto, Brainerd

Yde’s Major Appliance, Brainerd

Party World, Baxter

Joe’s Pizza, Pequot Lakes

George’s Auto Body, Brainerd

Pine River Family Market

Lakes Gas of Crosby

It’s the “Birthday Game” beginning Monday, March 27th, 7:20 on the “Wake the Lakes” Morning Show!  Must be 18 years of age to play and show legal proof of birthday with current ID to claim prize.

General Contest Rules

  1. All R & J Broadcasting, Inc. radio contests are open to listeners ages 18 and older unless otherwise stated. Employees of R & J Broadcasting, Inc, its affiliated entities, its affiliated advertising agencies, participating sponsors/promotional partners are ineligible.
  2. Contestants that are family members or that have a past or present personal relationship with any R & J Broadcasting, Inc. employee are ineligible to participate in any contest. Management reserves the right to render judgment.
  3. Listeners are eligible to win R & J Broadcasting, Inc contest prizes as follows: a prize valued at less than $600, the listener cannot win again for thirty (30) days; a prize valued at more than $600, the listener cannot win again for one (1) year. Unless otherwise stated, multiple entries by the same person or by another person living at the same address will be discarded and be deemed by the station management as a cause for disqualification.
  4. All prizes and prize certificates may be picked up at the R & J Broadcasting, Inc offices located at either 305 West Washington St, Brainerd, MN, or 37208 Hwy 169, Aitkin, MN. Prizes not picked up within thirty (30) days of winning will be forfeited. The thirty (30) day period includes weekends and holidays. The winner must bring proof of identification. R & J Broadcasting, Inc. business hours are Monday through Friday 8 am - 4 pm. If prizes are requested to be mailed, R & J Broadcasting, Inc will not be responsible for replacing lost or stolen prizes.
  5. All prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold.
  6. During on-air contesting, in the event of a dropped call, telephone line or mobile phone malfunction, or phone disconnection, the decision of the management will be final. The next caller in line will be taken and awarded the prize.
  7. R & J Broadcasting, Inc. listeners who win prizes on the radio station may not substitute prizes with another prize or cash. However, in the event of an unavailable prize won by the listener, R & J Broadcasting, Inc. may substitute the original prize with another prize for the approximate value (in dollars) of the original prize awarded.
  8. In specific circumstances, listeners may also register to win prizes on the R & J Broadcasting, Inc. radio station websites. Winners of the various contests are chosen randomly from all eligible entries. R & J Broadcasting, Inc. is not responsible for entries not received due to the difficulty accessing the internet, service outages or delays, computer difficulties, or other technological glitches. All online entries must be filled out completely.
  9. Internet entries will be deemed made by the authorized account holder of the email address submitted at the time of entry. One internet entry per person.
  10. R & J Broadcasting, Inc. in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process, the operation of R & J Broadcasting, Inc. websites, or is otherwise in violation of the rules. It further reserves the right to cancel, terminate or modify the contest if it is not capable of completion as planned to include the infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, or technical failures of any kind.
  11. For contests that require qualification, listeners may qualify only once, unless otherwise specified.
  12. Any contest winner that accepts a single prize or a combination of prizes that is of $600.00 value or more in a one-year period will be required to sign a release prior to acceptance of the said prize. If the prize includes travel provisions, whether such transportation is provided by R & J Broadcasting, Inc. or not, winners will be required to sign a liability release holding R & J Broadcasting, Inc., affiliated companies and the officers, shareholders, directors, employees, agents, and representatives of each of them harmless against any and all claims or liability arising directly or indirectly from the prize or contest.
  13. All contestant entries become the property of R & J Broadcasting, Inc. R & J Broadcasting, Inc may retain any and all contest materials for any reason that the station's management deems crucial to the completion of the contest, or for any reasons relating to the publicity or advertising.
  14. Contests conducted at facilities with an age requirement of 21 years of age or older, shall exclude participants who cannot prove they meet the age requirement.
  15. Contestants winning a prize or combined prizes valued at over $600.00 or more in a calendar year will be subject to any and all federal, state, and local taxes, as applicable. A 1099 fax form will be issued by R & J Broadcasting, Inc in this event.
  16. By participating in any R & J Broadcasting, Inc contest, the winner or winners agree to have their name, voice, or likeness used in any and all advertising or broadcasting materials relating to this contest, without additional compensation.
  17. R & J Broadcasting, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in the rules of the contest, which will become effective upon announcement by R & J Broadcasting, Inc. or via web posting.
  18. No purchase necessary to enter an R & J Broadcasting, Inc contest. Contest void where prohibited.
  19. Failure to comply with the R & J Broadcasting, Inc. contest rules may result in a contestant's disqualification.
  20. In the case of a grand prize drawing from qualifying winners, R & J Broadcasting, Inc. will make every attempt to contact the randomly selected grand prize winner by phone to notify them of their prize, unless otherwise specified in the contest rules. If the winner cannot be contacted in a timely manner (to be determined by management) another grand prize winner will be randomly selected. Duplicated prizes will not be awarded. In the event that the winner of an R & J Broadcasting, Inc. radio contest cannot use or claim a prize, they may forfeit their prize. A substitute prize will not be provided.

Weekly Trivia

7:15am Tuesdays & Fridays  on the R & J Lakes Area Morning Show.  

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Friday, 3/31/23

By now you've discovered this iconic shop
The place you start your day for a quick coffee stop
In the big window you'll sit with a friend, or alone...
And enjoy a frothy latte with a raspberry scone
But to find the medallion, outdoors you will see
To the West of the building, look in the tree!

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Thursday, 3/30/23

I hope your downtown shopping trip went well
Now close your eyes and take a smell
An enticing aroma fills the air
At the end of the block, you're almost there

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Wednesday, 3/29/23

The small businesses in town are 2nd to none
Clue number 3 will lead you to one
On main street, the charming buildings stand tall
Shopping downtown IFalls sure beats the mall
The medallion is hidden in one of these spots
You're getting closer to connecting the dots...

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Tuesday, 3/28/23

I'm sure your dinner at TBird was delicious
You'll soon feel a bit suspicious
I am a trickster by trade
Turn around and retrace the steps that you made
Don't go too far though, just head West
Stay tuned for tomorrow's clue, it might be the best

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Monday, 3/27/23

Ok Medallion Seekers
You think you have this all figured out
This might sound like a cheap plug
But you must head east past the truck route
Grab a burger, steak or some ribs and some fries
Head to the Thunderbird for dinner
But this is not where the medallion lies

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Friday, 3/24/23

The Spring Medallion is sitting in the corner of the box.

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Thursday, 3/23/23

The Spring Medallion enjoys its time at the outdoor.

Spring Medallion for Week 1 has been found!

The Spring Medallion for Week 1 has been found by Heather and Mack Olson.  They have won a $50 gift certificate to Eckman GM and a $50 gift card to Ronnings.  The Spring Medallion was located in the corner of the player's box at the outdoor rink at Kerry Park.

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Wednesday, 3/22/23

Spring Medallion likes to have a wild time.

Spring Medallion Hunt Clue-Tuesday, 3/21/23

The Spring Medallion plans to stick around for a while.