Milaca at Aitkin

Milaca at Aitkin

December 29, 2021 0


Turnovers and missed offensive possessions left the Aitkin Gobblers chasing the Milaca Wolves and ultimately falling 45-21 in the Aitkin Quarterbacks Club Holiday Tournament Championship game from the AHS Gym.

Aitkin jumped to an early 7-2 lead before the offense stalled with forced passes that eventually led to 30 turnovers in the loss. Trailing 20-7 at halftime, The Gobblers tried to mount a run but ultimately Milaca was able to pull away further to 30 point advantage.

Aitkin falls to 5-4 on the season with their next game after the New Year on Tuesday against Mesabi East. Milaca will be at home on Tuesday with their 6-1 record going up against Albany.

Aitkin Stats (20 rebounds; 30 turnovers; 5-11 FT): Rae Nyberg 10pts, 3rebs; Ailie Kullhem 4pts, 3rebs; Camille Parenteau 3pts, 4rebs; Ella Janzen 2pts, 2rebs; Abby Palm 2pts, 1reb; Jill Cine 1pt, 1reb; Sophie Snyder 6rebs

Milaca Stats (27 rebounds; 16 turnovers; 5-13 FT): Abby Anderson 17pts, 5rebs; Macy Mach 10pts, 10rebs; Lydia Cramley 8pts; Paige Narr 4pts, 3rebs; Hailey Bauer & Madison Gothmann 2rebs; Willow Hunt 1pt; Ashley Droogsma 5rebs


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