Proctor at Pillager

Proctor at Pillager

January 21, 2022 0


In a game of runs, Pillager ran out to a 10-2 lead in the early going before Proctor went on a 12-0 run. After shots failed to fall early, they went in with more ease as the half moved along. One lead change and one tie, and three Kolbin Carter treys later, it was Proctor leading 32-30 at the half.

Pillager had ended the first half on a 4-0 run, and continued their impressive showing into the second half, scoring the first ten points of the final 18 minutes. Turnovers then mounted for Pillager as they had at teams for both teams in the first half. When shots weren’t falling for Pillager, Proctor’s Koltan Carter went to the other end and drained shot after shot. At one point, Carter scored 16 points with no teammate making a single point and Proctor took the lead at 50-49 and 53-52. Pillager stayed active on the boards and on defense, and was able to hold on, not aloowing the game to geet within three after 61-58.

Koltan Carter led the way with 37 points (six shots made from beyond the arc) for the now 5-11 Proctor Rails. Proctor falls to 3-6 in Section 7AA play.

Pillager was led in scoring by Grayson Beard with 23 (with a number of offensive and defensive rebounds to add) and Tytan Skeesick added 13 with plenty of time on the offensive glass. Pillager moves to 7-6 overall, and 4-2 in 7AA play. With 13 games in and 12 to play, the Huskies host Henning in a Park Region Conference matchup on Tuesday.