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Where’s Munchy Clue #8

Myron G. (Munchy) Perpich married Gloria Sabyan on Oct. 31, 1959. Being the manager of the local BenFranklin, Gloria was talented at selecting and wrapping gifts for friends. Perhaps today, she would havepicked out a few unique items at this local kava house while grabbing a caffeinated beverage to start herday.

July 21, 2021 0

“Where’s Munchy?” Clue #7

Following the war, Myron G. (Munchy) Perpich was injured on Good Friday when a farm tractor tumbledon top of him while filling a ditch. He managed to kick the tractor over despite suffering a brokencollarbone and severe cuts to his face that resulted in reconstructive surgery of the nose. If aroundtoday, Munchy would have filled…
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Where’s Munchy Clue #6

Myron G. (Munchy) Perpich was known to keep a tidy and well-equipped toolshed where anyone in theneighborhood could go for whatever they needed. In the 1930s, this likely meant to get an axe or sawsharpened, a pig butchered, or a tool repaired. In comparison, this modern-day lakeside stop haseverchanging inventory, a little something for everyone…
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“Where’s Munchy” Scavenger Hunt Clue #4

Myron G. (Munchy) Perpich worked in an underground iron mine for a short time before the war, andagain after returning from the Army in 1945. He surely worked up an appetite from all that hard labor.This field offered higher pay since steel was in high demand throughout the nation at that time. Today, alocal eatery…
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“Where’s Munchy?” Clue #3

Myron G. (Munchy) Perpich was also referred to as Big Boy, Big Bear, Bull of the Woods and Baron. Allwere references to his outstanding physique, earned through the hard labor of mining, timbering, andmasonry. If Munchy were around today, he might frequent this location to stretch, strike a Yoga poseand relax his muscles after a…
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Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce “Where’s Munchy?” Scavenger Hunt Clue

Clue #2: Week of June 9-15Myron G. (Munchy) Perpich had his tonsils removed in the spring of 1939. He returned to work at hisforestry job the following day and walked 10 miles on the commute home before he was able tohitchhike a ride the rest of the way. This physical strain after such a procedure…
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June 9, 2021 0

Cuyuna Lakes Chamber asking, “Where’s Munchy?”

By Paul Vold kkinradio@embarqmail.com (6/2/21) (Crosby, MN) — The Cuyuna Lakes Chamber of Commerce is introducing a new scavenger hunt promotion by asking, “Where’s Munchy?” The Downtown Committee is inviting everyone to search for the Munchy the Miner figurine as a way to engage the community in the area’s history while encouraging shopping locally this…
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June 2, 2021 0

Kick Off Summer Riding Season with ATV Scavenger Hunt this Saturday in Twin Valley

Twin Valley, MN — The Twin Valley Community Boosters are looking to kick off summer and the ATV riding season this weekend with another ATV Scavenger Hunt and Ride on Saturday, May 22nd. Registration begins at 11am at the Twin Valley Liquor Store with the ride beginning at 12 Noon. This early summer ride is…
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