Wake The Lakes Life Hack for the Week:  “More Ways You Should Be Using Paper Towels Around the House“

Wake The Lakes Life Hack for the Week:  “More Ways You Should Be Using Paper Towels Around the House

March 20, 2023 Wake the Lakes 0

–Sweep more efficiently.  If you’re struggling to get that last bit of dirt or broken glass into your dustpan, stop. The easiest way to collect this stubborn debris is by dampening a paper towel, placing it on the floor, and sweeping the mess over it with your broom. The moisture grabs onto the crud and crumbs, making it easy for you to scoop up the towel and chuck it all in the trash.

–Stop microwave messes.  Dampen a paper towel and place it over your leftovers when reheating them in the microwave to prevent not only major messes, but also add a little moisture to your day-old food.

–Chill canned drinks fast.  Wrap it in a damp paper towel and put it in the freezer, where the paper towel will help it get nice and cold in about 10 minutes.

–Filter coffee. Did you end up running out of coffee filters? No worries, as long as you have a paper towel. Lay it in the coffee machine as you would a regular filter and you’ll be brewing in no time. Note, though, that this works better with higher-quality towels, so if you’ve been buying the cheap stuff, be warned.

–Extend the life of your produce.  We all buy fresh fruits and veggies with the best of intentions, only to throw them out once they’ve gone bad. You can extend the amount of time they stay fresh, though, with paper towels—maybe even long enough to actually eat them. Line your produce drawer with paper towels to absorb moisture and you can get a few extra days out of your goods.

–Prep for sewing projects.  Your sewing machine has grease and oil inside of it, which helps it function, but which can also transfer to new projects if the machine has been sitting for a while. Before starting a new project, throw a few stitches into a paper towel to catch any grease that would otherwise have transferred to your fabric.

–Stack and store supplies.  Stacking your pots and pans or your ceramics can cause scratches and end up worse for wear—but not if you layer some paper towels between them. This is also great for absorbing moisture and keeping your cookware rust-free.