KKIN-FM Programming

KKIN-FM Programming

December 30, 2023 KKIN-FM Programming 0

Monday – Friday

6:00 Unofficial Holidays

6:02 Weather; followed by Time check 

6:03 Local News Headlines 3:00

6:09a Community Calendar

6:15a Funeral Announcements; Followed by Weather

6:20a Brownfield program Morning Minnesota Agribusiness News

6:23a Weather Eye Forecast

6:26a Travel Forecast

6:28a Sports; Recap scores and preview upcoming schedule

6:30a Local News Headlines , MNN News

6:34a Weather, Time Check (Brought to you by CRMC)

6:36a Job Line

6:38a 2:00 Break 

6:40a Time Check

6:41a Chat about upcoming promotions and events; 

6:46a MNN Sports   2 minutes

6:48a  Live Trambley Weather

6:50a Time Check (Brought to you by CRMC)

6:55 Brainbuster Trivia

7:00a 1st Half News sponsored by Enbridge

7:03-7:05 Weather, Time Check

7:05a 2nd Half News 

7:10 Break 1:00 & Healthy Living

7:09a  Aitkin Subway Question of the Week chat/update

7:13  Break (2:00), 

7:15 Weather Eye Check and; Birthdays/On This Day in History;

7:20 3:00 Break

7:26 Trambley live weather;Trivia with Trambley continues

7:30 Local News Headlines 90 seconds, MNN News (brought to you by Enbridge)

7:37 Weather

7:38-7:45am Daily Contest (Monday Morning Rewind, Trivia Tuesday, Weird and Wacky Wednesday, Turnback Track Thursday, Free Stuff Friday)

2:00 Break for Sports Sponsors (Enbridge & American National Bank)

7:45 Local Sports; MNN Sports 

7:55am Beeper Calls

  • Wednesday – Tanner Motors
  • Thursday – Merritt Jewelers
  • Friday – White Oak Grill

7:59am Legal IDs

8am Local News Headlines 3:00

8:02am Weather Eye Sponsor (#74832 Advantage Seamless Gutters or #66432 Eco Water); Weather 

8:05-8:19am Aitkin Guest for Community Connection

8:20-8:22am Local News Headlines 1:30

8:23-8:27am MNN News

8:26-8:29am Local Sports Update

8:30-Weather, Time Check

8:40-8:59am Brainerd Guest for Community Connection

Noon Hour with Paul

12:00 pm AP News

12:03 pm Weather Update

12:04 – 12:15 pm Local News

12:15 – 12:20 pm Regional News

Funeral Announcements – Sorenson Root Thompson Funeral Home

12:22 – 12:23 Weather

12:25 pm Sports

12:30 – 12:33 pm MNN News

12:33 – 12:40 pm Community Calendar

12:40 pm Managing for Profit from Brownfield

12:43 pm Weather

12:45 pm Want Ads

12:47 pm Job Line

1:00pm AP News

4:48 pm Sports Updates

5:00 pm Local News Updates

5:15 pm Funeral Announcements

5:20 pm Community Calendar

5:46 pm Want Ads

10:00 pm Job LIne


6:00 – 7:00 am Sporting Journal

9:00 – 11:00 am Weedend in the Country


8:00 am St. John’s Lutheran Church

8:30 – 9:30 am Wealth Management

9:30 am Echoes of Mercy Church

10:00 – 11:00 am Aitkin First Lutheran Church