Spring Flooding Update

Spring Flooding Update

April 13, 2023 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Floodwaters are beginning to rise in some parts of Norman County.

Here’s the latest update on river levels in our listening area from the National Weather Service. These are all as of 3 this afternoon.

The Wild Rice River at Twin Valley is currently above flood stage at 10-point-3 feet—flood stage is ten feet.  The Wild Rice is expected to peak at 10 and a half feet around 7am Thursday and will stay at that level until late Saturday morning.

The Buffalo River near Dilworth is at 11 and three quarter feet.  Flood stage is 13 feet and is expected to be reached overnight and then climb to a crest of 22 feet by Monday.  Meanwhile, the Buffalo River near Hawley is at 7-point-6 feet.  Flood stage is eight feet and the river is expected to crest at ten feet Saturday night. 

Over in Halstad, the Red River is at 9-point-3 feet with flood stage at 20 feet.

The Sandhill River in Climax is just over five feet, with flood stage at 20 feet.

The Wild Rice River in Hendrum is at eight and a quarter feet with flood stage at 20 feet.

The Marsh River at Shelly is at four feet with flood stage at 14 feet.  

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