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Two Regional Farms Cited For Superior Cow Care

Two farms in Northwest Minnesota have been recognized by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for superior herd management.  The Waukon Dairy and Walter Brothers Dairy of Plummer are among 90 herds that have low somatic cell counts.  Somatic cell count, or SCC, is a key indicator of milk quality.  A low SCC is better for…
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June 10, 2024 0

Plummer Teen Recovering From Severe Burns

A 13-year-old boy from Plummer is recovering from severe burns suffered in a gasoline explosion earlier this month.  O’Rian Rude was at a Plummer gas station filling his three-wheeler with gas on May 21.  Law enforcement says the ATV was still running while it was being filled up and O’Rian was sitting on the seat…
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May 31, 2023 0