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Minnesota Trap Shooting programs concerned about proposed lead based ammunition ban

A group of Minnesota Lawmakers are pushing for legislation that would ban the sale and use of lead based ammunition in the State of Minnesota. The bill has caught the attention of trap shooting organizations and teams across the state of Minnesota who have concerns with the bill. Fertile Beltrami Trap Shooting coach Shawn Ramsey…
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February 23, 2024 0

Ada-Borup-West Trap Shooting Fall Stag 

The Ada-Borup-West Trap Shooting Team will be holding a Fall Stag fundraiser on Saturday, November 18 at the Halstad Community Center. Ada-Borup-West Trap Shooting representatives Tara Jensen and Brianna Eggen share more details on the event including some changes from last year’s Fall Stag.¬† A steak meal isn’t the only thing included with the ticket…
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November 1, 2023 0