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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

May 9, 2023 News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to remind folks not to disturb or touch deer fawns, which are born  in mid-May to mid-June. Fawns don’t attempt to evade predators during their first few weeks of life. Instead, they remain still to avoid being seen. During this time, fawns are learning critical survival skills from their mothers but are often left on their own while their mothers forage nearby. The mommas are always paying attention. Deer fawns are likely fine even if they look abandoned or fragile. Even if the fawn is known to be wounded or abandoned due to car strike or animal attack, do not transport it without talking to a wildlife rehabilitator. For more information about what to do when people find fawns or other species of young wild animals, visit the DNR website at

The MNDNR has answers to a variety of questions about the upcoming fishing season, just in time for the opener on Saturday. Things like what type of bait is legal, what species are legally available to catch, and what kind of fish can be kept are all answered on the DNR website, along with a lot of other information. 

The page is also mobile-friendly with information on when, where and how to fish. Users can find links to the Lake Finder maps of lakes and the new Stream Finder tool that provides a description, species list, regulations and access information for trout streams throughout Minnesota. The DNR fishing page also includes an online version of Minnesota fishing regulations, plus an online version of the 2023 Minnesota Fishing Regulations booklet, which is also available in print wherever DNR licenses are sold.