Aitkin School Board approves Superintendent contract, bus purchase at Feb. 14th meeting

Aitkin School Board approves Superintendent contract, bus purchase at Feb. 14th meeting

February 16, 2022 ---School News - KKIN/KFGI/KLKS/WWWI News News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

By Paul Vold (2/17/22)

(Aitkin, MN) — The Aitkin Public School Board meeting from Monday, February 14th featured discussion on the purchase of a new school bus, employee contracts, and discussion of School Board Recognition Week from the Aitkin High School Media Center.

Rippleside Elementary Principal Andy Dokken, representing the American Indian Advisory Committee, spoke to the Board on applying for grant funding for educational services.

The Board did approve the resolution relating to the Termination and Nonrenewal of Probationary Teachers based on being on a Out of Field Placement license or a Tier 1 or 2 license. Approval was given for the purchase of a New 77 passenger International Gas bus at the cost of $103,538.33 including REI camera system with 2 exterior cameras, 4 interior cameras, and CB radio, to which Superintendent Dan Stifter did address the cost.

Superintendent Stifter also spoke on the HOPE – Teen Dating Violence Prevention Program.

Stifter also touched on School Board Recognition Week and presenting certificates to Board members.

Information will be sent to parents if they wish to opt their children out of the program. 

A 3-year contract for Superintendent Dan Stifter was approved by the Board through 2025. 

Approval was approved amending Out of District Pay for Board Members to $10.33 per hour up to $75 a day, the sale of Parcel #324 in the Right of Way Parcel Layout, along Highway 169 and the Aitkin School Forest to MnDOT, and tenure for Activities Director Alex White.

The Aitkin Public School Board will have a Work Session meeting at 6:30pm on Monday, February 28th from the AHS Media Center.