Aitkin School Board Work Session from Monday, May 9th

Aitkin School Board Work Session from Monday, May 9th

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By Paul Vold (5/12/22)

(Aitkin, MN) — The Aitkin School Board’s Work Session from Monday, May 9th including updates for the District’s Strategic Plan and Curriculum Review

Superintendent Dan Stifter opened discussion on the Board’s Review of Guiding Principles/Beliefs and what they value at ISD #1.

The Board did adjust their Guiding Principles/Beliefs to “to educate students and empower students to be lifelong learners and productive citizens through the use of comprehensive curriculum and high expectations”, which will remain under draft for further meetings to finalize.

Superintendent Stifter also spoke about a list of volunteers willing to give their time for the Curriculum Review Committee.

The School Board will be deciding on creating curriculum review teams at their regular schools board meeting coming Monday, May 16th at 6:30pm from the High School Media Center.