Essentia Dispute Update

Essentia Dispute Update

March 13, 2024 News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ Uncategorized 0

On Tuesday, March 5th the City of Fosston held a Special Meeting to share updates regarding the dispute with Essentia. Many hospital workers were among the 60-plus people who attended a special city council meeting to discuss the future of labor and delivery services. City Administrator Cassie Heide shares more:

Heide points out that the process has been a long one, but things are moving in the right direction towards the City of Fosston taking back the control of the local hospital.

Essentia Chief Operating Officer Al Hurley was in attendance but declined to comment.

The City of Fosston hopes to retain all the local employees if their nonprofit, First Care Medical Services, gets control of the hospital back from Essentia Health and would welcome all present employees.