Halstad City Council Welcomes Two New Councilmembers

Halstad City Council Welcomes Two New Councilmembers

January 16, 2023 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Halstad, MN — The Halstad City Council held their first regular monthly meeting of the new year last Monday, January 9th. The council made the usual designations and appointments and also welcomed two new council members, Gaylord Christianson and Peter Jacobson, according to Halstad Mayor Darin Johnson.

Some updates from the Landmark: Mayor Johnson says they are continuing to explore heat sources for the facility and are still seeking proposals for ways utilize the rest of the facility.

And last month, the Halstad City Council approved and adopted their new city comprehensive plan. Now Johnson says they’ll get to work on implementing some of the priorities identified in the plan.

And Mayor Johnson encourages community members to support the blood drive that is scheduled for the Wednesday, January 18th  from 2:45pm until 6pm at the LRC.