Inclusion Learning Workshop Recaps and Up and Coming

Inclusion Learning Workshop Recaps and Up and Coming

April 21, 2024 News News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

On April 18th Dawn had talked to Amber Lewis, the Welcoming Community program Manager at Northspan, about their last meeting and what they had talked about.

Amber was asked about the length of the meeting as well as the message of these meetings.

A lot of the time with those workshops one may think of people outside of the area coming in, but Amber makes sure to bring up people already in the community who likely feel unwelcomed. So that gives Amber Lewis a chance to expand upon that aspect of the workshop and the exercise done in the last meeting.

So when is the next workshop taking place? And what will be discussed?

Amber Lewis also shared some other things to look forward to.

So a reminder, the third workshop is taking place on April 4th at 5:30pm at the MN North-Rainy River Campus. Workshops are free of charge and a free dinner as well as Childcare is provided. Walk-ins are also welcomed.