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Ulen-Hitterdal Freshman Attend Career Expo at Fargodome

Ulen, MN — Schools from all over the region sent students to the Health, Tech, & Trades Career Expo at the Fargodome last week, including Ulen-Hitterdal School District who sent their freshman class. Students got a few hours to hit the floor and learn more about current career opportunities. Ulen-Hitterdal Principal Jason Smith says there…
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December 6, 2022 0

Ulen-Hitterdal School Board meets

Last week, the Ulen-Hitterdal School Board held its monthly meeting.  Superintendent Dustin Flaten says his report to the Board focused on curriculum plans. Flaten also talked about his goals for the Ulen-Hitterdal School District. Also at last week’s Ulen-Hitterdal School Board meeting, the Board hired Steven Ranweiler as a licensed K-12 art teacher….and accepted the…
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November 23, 2022 0

Ulen-Hitterdal has new school resource officer

The Ulen-Hitterdal School has a new school resource officer this year.  Clay County Deputy Jeff Lee is returning to a job he had several years ago. Deputy Lee explains why he likes being a school resource officer. Deputy Lee is also in charge of all the school safety plans at Ulen-Hitterdal and coordinates the DARE…
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November 21, 2022 0

Mr. Lee is Ulen-Hitterdal’s Teacher of the Year

Ulen, MN — The Ulen-Hitterdal School District has selected their most recent Teacher of the Year! The decision is made by members of their local Teacher’s Union and Ulen-Hitterdal Principal Jason Smith congratulations 4th Grade Teacher Eric Lee. In addition to teaching 4th grade, Mr. Lee also coaches Junior High Football, Junior High Girls Basketball,…
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November 15, 2022 0

Ulen-Hitterdal School Board meeting

ULEN, MN—At last week’s Ulen-Hitterdal School Board meeting, the Board got an insurance update.  Superintendent Dustin Flaten says there was interesting news. Flaten says the Board also received an update on enrollment in the school district. The Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal girls’ varsity basketball team is also looking for a new coach, as Nick Hanson is…
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October 17, 2022 0

C Street Brass Performing at the Top Hat Theatre

Ulen, MN — This weekend at the Top Hat Theatre in Ulen, come experience the highly talented and highly touted brass quintet of the C Street Brass. C Street Brass began in 2008 as a small project between five friends and over the years the band and its individual members have been featured on a…
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October 14, 2022 0

Ulen-Hitterdal Community Ed Hosting Fall Festival on Saturday

Ulen, MN — Ulen-Hitterdal Community Education invites families to their 2nd annual Fall Festival this Saturday, October 1st at the Ulen City Park for bouncy games, fortune telling, silent auction, hay rides, cake walk, and even a haunted forest. Jason Smith, Ulen-Hitterdal High School Principal, promises fun for all ages, including both elementary and high…
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September 30, 2022 0

Homecoming Week at Norman County East & Ulen-Hitterdal

Twin Valley, MN — It’s Homecoming Week for the schools of Norman County East and Ulen-Hitterdal, who each have their own activities and dress up days but will come together at the end of the week for a joint school dance on Friday. During the Norman County East School News this week, Principal Raina Askin…
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September 27, 2022 0

Ulen-Hitterdal School Board Discusses Childcare Referendum Failure, Staffing, and Bussing Options

Ulen, MN — The Ulen-Hitterdal School District will move forward seeking solutions for childcare following the failure of their August 9th childcare center referendum. The referendum, which only had roughly 25% of voters supporting it, was a focus of this month’s school board meeting held on August 17th. Ulen-Hitterdal Superintendent Dustin Flaten says they are…
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August 24, 2022 0

Ulen-Hitterdal Childcare Taskforce Says Childcare Center Referendum Key for Growth of District

Ulen, MN — A week from now, voters in the Ulen-Hitterdal School District will be voting on more than just which republican or democratic candidate they want to see advance to the general election. They’ll also be voting on a $1.7 million bond issue that would go towards constructing a 3,200 square foot center based…
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August 2, 2022 0